Thursday, February 18, 2016

A Look Into My Planner: January 2016

I thought this might be a fun way to talk about my past month and give you a peek into how my planner looks at the end of the month.
I wanted January to be blue, blue like the sky from the airplane window, blue like the ocean I flew over, blue like my heart. Ehhh, that might be a bit too melodramatic, I just like blue.

So, January, what can I say?

The first week and a half were spent in Massachusetts and therefore my planner doesn't actually start until the second week of January.

Luckily my second week was quite smooth, which was great because my jet lag was intense. I feel like it becomes worse every time I get back. 
I started my classes, got my syllabuses and had to start studying again. I needed to get back into routine and do some paperwork.
I wanted to start blogging again, something that I didn't actually accomplish until later on in the month.

By the third week things got kicked into a higher gear. I had a meeting with my BA advisor and it reassured my that I really chose a fantastic advisor and I am quite pleased with what I am writing about.

I had also my first exam in the most annoying class that I have ever had to take, philosophy. I can read a novel in couple of hours and tell you EVERYTHING you might need to know about it and write an impromptu 2000 word essay in less than four hours. But with philosophy I am sweating over the books and notes and by the end if you would ask me anything my face would be blank and my answer would be "uuuuuuhhhhhhh". But luckily I passed that exam and now I have only 5 more exams and then the final left. Merde.

I realized also that I definitely wasn't drinking enough water and decided to record how much water I was drinking, one cup equals 500 ml.

And in the final week of January I decided I needed to start exercising. I decided to start slowly and it felt good. I am not one of those people that like the exercise pain. I want my exercise and the days after to be as pain free as possible, thank you very much! Therefore, in January I only exercised for 33 minutes. For me it was a great start into exercising.

I also realized I am absolutely horrible in drawing water cups and decided to do something different for February.

As I mentioned in my January favorites, this month has been a month with mixed emotions. I am happy and I am sad and I am excited and I am filled with dread. It's complicated being an adult.

So that is my January, I was going to post this in early February, but February has been rough. Something I will write about in the February Planner post!

Until next time!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Review: Physicians Formula - Shimmer Strips Eyeliner - For Green Eyes

I haven't written a makeup review (or even a review of anything) in a really long time. The last review I wrote was a book review in 2014. Today that will change!
As the title of this post says today I am reviewing the Physicians Formula - Shimmer Strips Eyeliner - For Green Eyes.

I had heard so many great things about these eyeliners before I got them so when I finished the last eyeliner that I had I knew that I really wanted to try these.

When you buy them you get three in a pack and in the greened eyed bundle the colors are: black, green and purple.
There is also bundles for blue, brown, and hazel eyes.

The packaging is alright. I keep them in my makeup bag and the black eyeliner is the only one that is showing some wear and tear.
The eye pencils can be rolled all the way up and then down again, something that I oddly prefer. I hate when I cannot roll them down again!
And of course on the non-eyeliner end there is a sharpener, but who uses those anyway?

But back to the eyeliners themselves.

The black and green shade have a little bit of shimmer in them but it isn't really that noticeable and the purple one doesn't have any shimmer.
Which is quite odd since they are called Shimmer Strips Eyeliner

What I really love about these eyeliners is how incredible creamy and smooth they are. They really glide on easily both on the eyelid itself or when I use them to tightline or on the waterline.

They are also incredible smudge proof and don't transfer from my eyelid to my upper eyelid.

The ones I prefer are, without a doubt, the purple and black ones, mostly because the green doesn't really do anything for my green eyes whilst purple and black really makes them pop.
I still reach for the green eyeliner frequently because even though it isn't my favorite it is really nice!

What is your favorite cruelty-free eyeliner?
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