Monday, February 14, 2011

A year later....

I really can't believe it has been a year! It feels like yesterday that I made the decision that no one really thought I could accomplish and here we stand (well I'm lying in bed) and I did it. The truth is it wasn't even that hard!

For the past 2 weeks I've started trying on some new clothes, mostly to see what size I'm in now and what's going on inside the stores now. The statement of not buying any new clothes came from me trying to save the environment. We all know that I want that damn Nobel Peace Prize! But in the end I realized that it changed so many other things about me.

When you stop buying new clothes the first thing you definitely don't think about is that it will change something else. The fact is that life is one big formula and when you take a piece out of that formula something else has to change so you'll get the right end result. For me shopping was a way to make myself feel better, a new dress added some happiness into the equation but it was bought happiness that just didn't last. The cold hard truth was that I didn't feel comfortable in my own skin or my own personality. I didn't feel like me and I wasn't sure what was me and how I wanted to be. So I faked it and bought another dress. Most of these dresses I wore once maybe twice and I have them in my closet (that is still packed even after the year).

I can count the clothes I bought this year easily! One shirt, one skirt, one top and one sweater! The shirt, skirt and the top I bought in Iceland this summer and the sweater I bought in Geneva when I got cold! I traded a skirt for another skirt with my big sis. I bought as well 2 pairs of converse and when the snow came my step mum gave me her old winter shoes! I've not been wearing all my clothes since some of them are totally not my personality. Yes, I actually have a personality now. I know who I am and who I want to be.

You must think that stop buying clothes doesn't change anything but it does! It's the same when you quit anything for a certain amount of time something inside you just changes. I can't say if only the fact that I stopped buying clothes or all the other things that happened to me during this year changed me, but how can I say that these things didn't happen because I had started to change because of the clothes thing?

I was a total closed off person towards guys, yea they are fun but nothing more. For the past year I met 3 guys that I wanted (and tried my best) to be open with. Most of us do know the disastrous results of one of them (that will not be spoken of) but I tried. I can actually say I tried! That's something I never could say before! Two of them ended in tears one of that ended in me leaving the country for a month. But I tried! I made an effort and I showed vulnerability instead of just being the normal me Ice Queen. I did couple of Ice Queens this year, because I sometimes need to keep face!

I made as well some brutal decisions, that when I was making them broke my heart to billion pieces. I know the person that I had to make these brutal decisions about will never read this but in hindsight it was the right thing to do, for the both of us. Sometimes a friendship is to damaging in both directions that it needs to be cut off. I took some other friendship breaks this year and I don't regret them (again in hindsight) because this is real life and in real life people need to take some breaks.

This year has been filled with so many tears and heartbreaks and I think that's exactly what I needed to turn my heart back on. It needed that kick and that punch just to make me feel alive again and luckily I had amazing support from my friends and family that helped me through the first step of that agonizing feeling of being alive.

So, what can I say. I'm looking forward to some new jeans that don't have a gigantic hole on them and new t-shirts! I'm looking forward to buy things in colour since all my clothes are black! I want to wear something pretty and colourful! You can maybe start expecting more posts about what I'm wearing at the moment, highly likely not since I'm still lazy as f*ck!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tuesday Make Up II

Today I actually wasn't wearing any make up and didn't plan on, then I got to try the new Neo Pastels Eye Colour and Liner Palette from Clarins, it comes from their spring/summer collection and I was very exited about it! The colours are in the purple range and we all know I just LOVE purple!

The woman put it on gorgeously and it looked amazing, for about 10 minutes, then it just started to fade! What a shame! The eye liner is in this pack as well and that just didn't stop staining my upper eyelids! I just seriously hate when eye-liners do that! So my search for purple eye-shadow continues.

The mascara is as well from Clarins and again a total disappointment! It made my eyelashes clump way too much! I don't understand why their make up isn't as good as their lotions. I've got the Hand and Nail Treatment Cream from them and it's my favourite hand lotion!

The Clarins company was specialised in lotions and perfumes (I don't know the perfumes) and I've got the feeling that they should step up their game or just leave it and stay in the lotion game!

Even if the eye make up didn't survive my standards I learned something from the woman who put it on my and will try to use her eye liner technique tomorrow.

I made similar make up last Tuesday just with different colours. This is supposed to be the look for the summer and I love it!

P.s. new hair colour :D

Friday, February 4, 2011

Nail Problems

I love nails, I love nail varnish and everything that nails can do! Sadly this winter my nails just gave up. I've got this nail hardener that saves them but there are some accidents. Like this Tuesday. In they day I tried on this amazing leather dress from H&M. I didn't buy it I've still got 10 more days on my no buy thing, but as I was putting it on I broke a nail. I swore like a sailor and moved on. Then later in the evening I got drunk and banged my hand into the wall and broke another nail!
So this is how the nails on my left hand look, the right one has one broken nail! It's not only that my nails break it is that they as well peel. They first peel and then they break. It's a disaster.

I started looking around on the internet on what makes the nails peel and what I can do so it'll stop!
1) Changes in the temperature. When you go out in the cold and then into the warm house/bus/whatever that's warm.
2) Water, every time your nails get wet it separates the layers of the nail plate and then they peel.

The things I can do to make it stop:
1) Wear gloves out side, something I never do since I'm always tapping on my blackberry. It'll be a competition between my nails and my blackberry!
2) Stop washing my hands, haha, just kidding. There isn't much I can do with this one. I don't put my hands into water except for when I'm washing my hands, showering and bathing the kids.

I'll continue to always put on my nail hardener and moisturise all of the time (do that always now) and focus on the nails as well. I hope for the sake of my nails (and me) that spring will arrive soon. I crave warmth!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Linking Loving Learning

Today I'm staying in bed! This morning when I woke up I was just weak to my feet and way way hotter then normal (not in the sexy way, in the sweats in bed way). So today is chill and on my chill days I like to read stuff on the internet (I can't find the book that I'm reading, it is here somewhere!).

Mind Of Man: How To Compliment A Naked Man 
"Complimenting a man’s naked body doesn’t really push the same pleasure centers as it does in a woman. It affirms nothing. When we hear a compliment, we think, “Why is she telling me something I obviously already know? Is this some kind of nefarious subterfuge? Something is afoot!” Then the paranoia sets in."
 Define Gender Gap? Look Up Wikipedia’s Contributor List
"Ms. Gardner, citing an example that resonates with her personally, pointed to the Wikipedia entry for one of her favorite authors, Pat Barker, which was a mere three paragraphs when she came across it. Ms. Barker is an acclaimed writer of psychologically nuanced novels, many set during World War I. She is 67 and lives in England.
By contrast, Niko Bellic had an article about five times as long as Ms. Barker’s at the time. It’s a question of demographics: Mr. Bellic is a character in the video game Grand Theft Auto IV; he is 30 and a former soldier."

Exclusive: More on the IT Remake! Rated R? A remake that I'll never ever watch! I watched like 10 seconds from the first one hidden underneath a blanked asking for it to be turned off!

66 Things You Can Grow At Home: In Containers, Without a Garden  I'm so trying some of these soon (aka when I move out!)

10 Natural, Organic Oils With Huge Health Benefits
"But many can do a lot more than just smell good: While we can't say with authority the 10 oils highlighted here are miracle cures, throughout history they've been credited with treating problems including digestion issues and acne; increasing concentration; killing germs and much more."
 50+ Homemade Popsicle Recipes
"This list isn’t exclusive to popsicles, I’ve also included pudding pops, frozen yogurt & fruit pops.
Many of these recipes are a lot healthier (and sometimes cheaper) than buying ready-made. How to pick just one recipe, they all look so good!" - yuummmm
POM Velvet Cupcakes with POM Cream Cheese Frosting
"Take advantage of this fruit's disease-fighting antioxidants and surplus of healthy vitamins by making these yummy cupcakes for any New Year's Eve event!" - ohhh, please let me take advantage of this cupcake!

- Now back to snuggle in bed!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tuesday Make Up

Today I'm tired, yesterday I was tired and tomorrow I'll be tired. I've been having trouble sleeping, it has been getting worse and worse so hopefully I'll manage to get a decent night sleep next week! For the make up today I decided to try on what's supposed to be the thing this spring/summer. It's not hard to do and I like it!

Funny thing about today that it's actually highly likely that I won't even leave the house, well I'm going to try to force myself to go out in an hour and just go to Starbucks and study. It's just I'm tired and I really had to force myself to leave the bed this morning. No worries this will pass. Since I'm feeling this shitty I decided NOT to go for black but to add some colour and put on one of my favourite tinted lip balm.

 Eyes -

Today my eye shadow is from Yves Rocher, the colour is Absinthe Green (one of the reason I picked it in the first place). Sadly the colour doesn't stay on all day long and it isn't very easy to put on. But the colour is amazing! I've got to find similar with another brand and she if that one is better!

The eye liner I'm using was the first thing ever I bought from MAC. It goes on well but has the tendency to slither down your eyes and it looks like you've been crying! It stays on for some time but not as well as the Lancôme I used for my Monday Make Up. It's as well a Khôl (I always buy the Khôl's) and is called "Smolder" it was the blackest of the black eye liner that they had (and that's why I picked it)

My mascara is Lancôme Virtuôse (I've got so much stuff from them for some reason) the colour is Noir Sensuel which made me giggle. It doesn't make my lashes clump and I really like the shape of the brush. The shape helps in reaching to all of the lashes and I've never pocked myself in the eye with this one. (I'm a clumsy person by nature). It doesn't lengthen my eyelashes that much but I can see some volume difference.

Since it's still (sadly) winter my lips are dying a slow, very painful death. But no worries, my superhero Ole Henriksen saves the day (and the lips). This is another thing I bought at the airport in Copenhagen. It gives my lips a cute hue without overpowering my real lip colour and makes them so soft and just heals them. I bought it at first because of the silly name. It's called "African Red Tea Exfoliating Lip Salvation".

Yes. I did pick today's make up as well because they all have funny names. Who names these things? And I seriously need to do something about my eyebrows! Ehh, next month.
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