Saturday, August 31, 2013

YouTube: Empties #6

Loving in August

My August Goals:

1. Open up my handmade shop
2. Finish the 200 Sit-ups Challenge
3. Rearrange the apartment
4. Swim in the lake at least once
5. Film 4 YouTube videos
6. Decluttered 50 things
7. Go to the cinema with Mr. Handsome (Went to The Heat, hilarious)
8. Make a cake (made a cheesecake)
9. Get ice cream from our local ice cream shop
10. Not buy any makeup or skincare things (I only bought things that I had previously finished, a lotion and eye make up remover)

Top 5 posts in August:

Pink Box: July 2013 (August 2013)

I love seeing what posts are most popular every month! I love as well that post that I wrote a year ago are still popular!

And some posts I have been loving in August:

Oregon, we miss you...  from Pamplemousse! 

What I have been loving in real life in August:

Cheesecake, Mr. Handsome, The Heat, Sims 3, reaching 100 Bloglovin followers, sleeping in and staying up late, knitting.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Weight-Loss Wednesday - New Beginning and New Goals

Another beginning, but I am not starting from square one. With every failure and weight gain and more failure I take with be a small bit of new information. So, cheers to new beginnings and hopefully great results!

This weeks weigh in: 80.2 kg (176.8 lbs)

I wanted to set myself some goals again, I have decided that with every goal I reach I will buy myself a new piece of clothing!

Goal #1: 79.9 kg (176.1 lbs) / BMI 30.8
Goal #2: 77.4 kg (170.6 lbs) / BMI 29.9 
Goal #3 (by 5th of December 2013): 74.4 kg (163.1 lbs) / BMI 28.7
Goal #4: 69 kg (152.1 lbs) / BMI 26.6
Goal #5 64.5 kg (142.2 lbs) / BMI 24.9

Battle strategies for this week are:
- Start my mornings by drinking water.
- Keep on doing sit-ups
- Wake up at 7 every morning

Don't forget to check out Love, Tilly and Kewteepye who are both as well on a weight loss journey! 


Monday, August 12, 2013

The Friendly Bunch Bloghop

Hi Everyone!

I am taking part in a bloghop today! This time it is Nia's and Luchessa's The Friendly Bunch Bloghop! 

Cherryfashion Beauty Expression by Luchessa Image Map  
This week we have a very sweet lady co-hosting with us. She loves makeup, books, hair, travelling, snails, big glasses and smiling with her entire face. Well isn't she just a big sweet ball of sunshine?! Why don't you stop by her blog and say hi to see for yourself.

Meet our co-host for the week:

If you are interested in co-hosting this blog hop, please email Nia.

In the share section this week we have a very interesting beauty tip to share with you. Have you ever seen a certain shade of nail polish and wished you had it but didn't want to spend money on it at the time? Well, here is how you can get that shade using your old eye shadow and a transparent nail polish which you have laying around.

We got this little trick from Chic Factor and we think it is an amazing idea. You can even mix more than 1 eye shadow colour if you need. And if you feel that an entire nail polish bottle is too much for you, why not mix as much as you need on a metal plate/ piece of foil?!

Now, before you run off to go try making you favourite nail polish shade. Leave your link so we can check you out.

1. Please follow the Hosts & {possible} Co-host via GFC {or wordpress} and/or Bloglovin' and/or email
2. Visit the other links and don't forget to say hi.
3. Add your link

We would also really appreciate it if you:
- Share this blog hop's button on your blog
- Share this blog hop with other bloggers on your facebook/ twitter/ google+. The more the merrier. {Use hashtag #TFBBH on twitter}
- Follow Nia and Luchessa on Twitter for updates and fun.

Grab our button:

photo TFBBH-200x200.png

Monday, August 5, 2013

Pink Box: July 2013

I decided to try a Swiss Beauty Box called Pink Box, it costs 19,95 CHF per month and you can cancel at any time!

 First the Unboxing Video:

The products that I got were:

1. Astor - Lovely Doll Mascara (16.90 CHF)
Astor introduces BIG & BEAUTIFUL LOVELYDOLL Mascara for a more dramatic, fanned out doll effect.
The creamy Volumizing formula offers sensational volume with the elegance of perfectly separated, fanned out lashes for the most eye-catching look.
The unique LovelyDoll brush Flat brush is the perfect accessory to create an amazing wide eye doll look. It plumps lashes then ball tip lifts and curls. Intensify particularly the corner and bottom lashes to maximize seductive effect.

Cruelty Free: No
Something I will use: Yes

2. Veet - Cold Wax Strips For Sensitive Skin (43.60 CHF per 40 Strips)
Free up your beauty routine and enjoy a new simple solution to sexy smooth skin.
Because Veet’s Ready-to-Use Wax Strips leave you silky smooth for longer you’ll have more free time in-between waxes! It couldn't be simpler.
A few seconds is all it takes to warm a wax strip between your hands, apply and remove. Each one has been carefully chosen to leave you feeling pampered and ready for anything.
So now you can always feel silky smooth and radiant. Just wax and go!

Cruelty Free: No
Something I will use: No, and what is up with that price!

3. La Roche-Posay - Anthelios XL Dry Touch Gel-Cream (3 ml/1.77 CHF)
La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL suncare range offers ultra high protection against UVA and UVB rays thanks to patented filtering system Mexoplex®.
Antethlios XL is suitable for sun intolerant and sensitive skin. The expert facial formulas are tailored to specific skin types, and helps to prevent visible signs of ageing.
The minimalistic dermatologically-tested formula is fragrance-free, paraben- free and non-comedogenic. It also contains soothing La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water, rich in anti-oxidant Selenium.
La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Dry Touch Gel-Cream offers ultra high UVA-UVB protection for the face. The new dry-touch texture is specifically formulated for combination to oily skin. Double anti-shine action, immediate absorption, ultra-dry finish, no white marks.

Cruelty Free: No
Something I will use: Yes
3 ml sample is just ridiculous! First of all you should be using 5 ml of sunscreen on your face and neck!

4. Fing'rs - Stick&Go Pads (3.90 CHF)
This summer will be hot! The stylish and exclusive Fring'rs Stick & Go pads of Flower Nails nail polish collection are the perfect replacement for top-kept nails. The wafer-thin, brightly decorated nail pads hold up to one week and are glued onto natural nails or artificial nails

Cruelty Free: Yes
Something I will use: Yes

5. Fa - Shower & Lotion (250ml/3.25 CHF)
Experience with the first Fa Shower Lotion & Shower Cream of Fa with body lotion complex. It foams and cleans like a gel, but nourishes the skin so intense that it feels velvety soft. Fa Shower and Lotion moisturizes the skin, for an irresistibly soft skin feeling, and a rich moisturizer.

Cruelty Free: No
Something I will use: Yes

First of all, how lame is having face waxing stripes in a beauty box? I have NO need for that at all and it is so specific!! I am glad that there weren't any hair products and I do love getting a package in the mail!

Am I happy with the July Pink Box, not really. It reminded me that beauty boxes just aren't a great concept. You will always get something you really don't like!

Will I buy the August Pink Box, I don't know!


Thursday, August 1, 2013

My Monthly Goals: August 2013

I like setting myself goals, everything from my 100 Things Decluttering Challenge, 100 Days of Decluttering Challenge, 25 Things Before My 25th Birthday and of course my 24 Things Before My 24th Birthday. I like goals and challenges and trying to do more and better things.

So by the end of August I would like to have:

1. Open up my handmade shop
2. Finish the 200 Sit-ups Challenge
3. Rearrange the apartment
4. Swim in the lake at least once
5. Film 4 YouTube videos 
6. Decluttered 50 things
7. Go to the cinema with Mr. Handsome
8. Make a cake 
9. Get ice cream from our local ice cream shop
10. Not buy any makeup or skincare things

Some of the goals are big but other ones are quite small but still something I would like to accomplish this month! I will mention in my post Loving In August what I actually did accomplish and what I did not!


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