Monday, August 12, 2013

The Friendly Bunch Bloghop

Hi Everyone!

I am taking part in a bloghop today! This time it is Nia's and Luchessa's The Friendly Bunch Bloghop! 

Cherryfashion Beauty Expression by Luchessa Image Map  
This week we have a very sweet lady co-hosting with us. She loves makeup, books, hair, travelling, snails, big glasses and smiling with her entire face. Well isn't she just a big sweet ball of sunshine?! Why don't you stop by her blog and say hi to see for yourself.

Meet our co-host for the week:

If you are interested in co-hosting this blog hop, please email Nia.

In the share section this week we have a very interesting beauty tip to share with you. Have you ever seen a certain shade of nail polish and wished you had it but didn't want to spend money on it at the time? Well, here is how you can get that shade using your old eye shadow and a transparent nail polish which you have laying around.

We got this little trick from Chic Factor and we think it is an amazing idea. You can even mix more than 1 eye shadow colour if you need. And if you feel that an entire nail polish bottle is too much for you, why not mix as much as you need on a metal plate/ piece of foil?!

Now, before you run off to go try making you favourite nail polish shade. Leave your link so we can check you out.

1. Please follow the Hosts & {possible} Co-host via GFC {or wordpress} and/or Bloglovin' and/or email
2. Visit the other links and don't forget to say hi.
3. Add your link

We would also really appreciate it if you:
- Share this blog hop's button on your blog
- Share this blog hop with other bloggers on your facebook/ twitter/ google+. The more the merrier. {Use hashtag #TFBBH on twitter}
- Follow Nia and Luchessa on Twitter for updates and fun.

Grab our button:

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