Saturday, January 14, 2012

24 Things To Do Before My 24th Birthday.

1. Change schools
2. Learn how to write in Arabic
3. Learn better French (I am on level B1 now)
4. Start a Handmade Shop
5. Knit a sweater
6. Find an apartment
7. Grow some herbs
8. Take 52 outfit pictures
9. Lose 10 kg (22 lbs)
10. Cook 52 different recipes
 11. Knit 52 different things
12. Needlepoint 12 different things
13. Sew 52 different things
14. Write a short story
15. Stop eating milk products
16. Set up a workplace for me
17. Take 52 make up pictures (13.01.12,) 
18. Get a bike
19. Visit the East-Cost of the USA
20. Save some money (around 2600 chf)
21. Have 400 twitter followers - follow me here  (57 (13.01.12), ) 
22. Turn this blog into a webpage
23. Stop using shampoo and conditioner
24. Grow a lemon grass plant. 

This is my list for this year, I do this frequently but usually I forget all about it after couple of months. This time I have started the list!

I will update this list and link to it frequently because this time I am in it to win it!


Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Make Up

Beginning of last year I tried to post one week of different make ups, I didn't succeed. I managed to do it four times. (MondayThursdayTuesday ITuesday II ). This time it is different, last year I was tired all of the time and it just was too hard for me. This time around I have energy and am ready to do it! I might even start writing posts with swaps and all that of these things, today there is just how I decided to use my make up.

Today I woke up early and went to meet my friend. I wasn't wearing any make up because I just had gotten up. When I got back I decided that today would be the day I should start taking the pictures. First let's look at the before picture!

I will write down the things that I used in the order I used them (easier for me to remember what I did): 

 Skin - I used a concealer from Max Factor called Erace, the tone I used was number 7 called ivory.  I really do like it and I might even buy that one again when I finish it. 

Eyes -.I am using an eyeliner from M.A.C (same one I used here), it is the Smolder Khôl. It is the same one as I used the last time because I rarely use it and it was kinda lost in my make up box.I am still in love with the Hypnôse Precious Cells mascara from Lancôme and I use it almost every day. I need to buy a new one but I can't decide if I should buy the same one again or buy the Hypnôse Doll Eyes instead. I find it annoying buying the same one again because I love trying new make up.

Lips - I used two things for my lips, a lip liner from Maybelline, it is called COLORsensational and the colour is number 547 Pleasure Me Red. Over that I put on the Universal Lip Glow by L'Oréal to give it a bit shine.

And the end result is taataaaaa:

I brushed my hair too! I can't believe that now it has been over a month since I last time used shampoo and conditioner! But more about that later ;) 
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