Sunday, January 30, 2011

Thursday Make Up

My week of make up didn't work, I've got a super legit excuse. I got eye infection! When you get eye infection you can't use eye make up or contact lenses (unless you want to contaminate them). There for I just barely used make up the entire week. It looked better on Thursday so I slapped on my pretty face but then on Thursday night it got worse. This weekend was as well the first time EVER that I went out partying with my glasses on!

This make up was picked because I love it! I'm just wearing three things and it takes me not even 5 minutes to make this and it's impossible to make this look bad.

I used my favourite eye liner, I've had it for some time and it's almost finished so I've got to buy a new one. I'm quite afraid that they don't have it any more since it was part of the summer make up. It's made by Yves Rocher, I've loved Yves Rocher for a long time, mostly because what they are. They are like Body Shop just better. But sadly the make up never reaches my standards, so the only thing I use from them right now is this eye liner. I can't find it anywhere on the internet so I took a picture my self of the little thing that's left of it. I just love the deep purple colour and since I've got green eyes it really makes my eye pop.
For mascara I used a mascara that I just bought. I was talked into it by the sales woman but I was very surprised and pleased how it works. The reason I was surprised was because I have tried the Extra-Volume Collagene from L'Oréal and I hated it, it made my lashes clump and was just awful! So after that one I had made the decision to never buy mascara from L'Oréal and then came Hypnôse Precious Cells. It was a love by first try and then the love didn't stop. It's supposed to make your lashes grow faster and better as well but that is just extra from how amazing this mascara is! So love love love!!!

I just bought this tinted lip conditioner when I was on my way back home from Copenhagen. The Mac lady at the Copenhagen Airport was very very good at her job! Not only did she pick out the exact right colour for me she as well sold it 100% to me without being too much. As I said it's from Mac and is called Tinted Lip Conditioner. The colour I use is called Fuchsia Fix. I've almost used it every day since I bought it. It stays well on my lips without being sticky (I hate sticky) and the jar it's in is cute :) It doesn't hurt that it is spf 15 (I'm a spf addict). I'm sure to say when this one runs out I'll run to buy a new one!

I didn't use any foundation or powder or anything else on my face since I just like not having anything on the skin! Not only is it hard to find something that isn't too dark for my skin or doesn't choke my freckles to death. I don't want to use tinted moisturiser (like everybody seems to suggest to me) because I DO like being super pale! It suits me and it's healthy!

I do plan on showing you 7 different make ups! So two down five to go! :)

Have a good start of the week

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