Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Book Review: Trespassing By Uzma Aslam Khan

I decided to take some time away from the school books when I went to Copenhagen this weekend so I decided to read a normal book. The book that I chose was Trespassing by Uzma Aslam Khan. I picked the book because of the cover. Yea yea I know, don't judge the book by it's cover but the cover on this one is absolutely gorgeous. The book is very good, I liked how Khan organized the book, there where some twist, one of them caught me off guard but the rest of them I actually realized in the beginning (sadly but normal). The writing is good as well, there are some sentences that are odd.
Page 382: He loosened his shalwar and crapped a stream of rewri three feet from Fatah
That image didn't leave my head for many more pages and it's not even the only poo related sentences in the book.
Page 151: It was just 8 A.M. The mourners would start arriving around nine. There were fewer, now that three weeks had passed since his father's death, but still more than he wanted to meet. He combed his hair and braced himself for another day of being the Amreekan orphan.
The boy in this quote is called Daanish (not pronounced Day-nish)
Page 30: The nails were painted pink to match her freckled flesh. She was broad , heavy-bosomed, about five foot six and proclaimed, "You're so graceful, Day-nish." His chlorine-blazed eyes blinked. He'd forgive her inability to say it. For the first time in his life, he'd been sought.
All in all this is a good book and I'll probably read it one day again. I think I'll even read some other books that Uzma Aslam Khan has written like Transgression and The Geometry of God.

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