Friday, July 11, 2014

Fair Trade Friday #1

For a while now I have been really conscious about where my clothing is coming from. In March 2013 I wrote about why I would be boycotting H&M and I haven't bought anything from them since then. Since then I haven't bought a lot of clothing and I have been donating a lot of my clothing. Both because my style has changed and I am moving soon and I am a one bag kind of gal.

But as my stash of clothing dwindles I knew I needed to start to make a decision on what my plan for the future was. I have previously gone a year without buying any clothing (2010-2011) and for me that wasn't a problem. But I needed a plan for the future, not just for the next year or two. I needed a sustainable plan.

I want my wardrobe to be a fair trade wardrobe, but as much as I want that I have to be realistic about what kind of fair trade clothing there is out there. I have serious doubts that I can have a 100% fair trade wardrobe, there is serious lack of fair trade stables such as big bras. Something I cannot live without.

Therefore, trying to have a 100% fair trade wardrobe would end in failure, and I do not like failure. I decided that it would be better for me to aim towards a different number. I thought that 70% would be a more of an achievable number. So if I buy 10 things, 3 of these things are allowed to be non fair trade.

The seven things that will be fair trade can also be second hand clothing, mostly because buying second hand clothing can benefit both the environment and help charities. An extra plus is that no money is going from me to the clothing company.

Every single piece of clothing will be counted in this! Whether it will be underwear, socks, dresses or shoes!

As I try to get in deeper with being more of a minimalist I am not going to be buying many new outfits, but I wanted to have a plan on what I would or would not buy.


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Wellness and Weight Loss Wednesday

I was talking to a dear friend of mine the other day about weight loss and how I know how to lose weight but somehow I just can't accomplish it myself.

I know hundreds of weight loss tips and I have read so many studies for weight loss but I somehow just don't manage to lose weight myself. If you look back on my weekly weigh ins you can see that I have just gained weight. I get fatter and fatter by the year.

When I think about what it is that is making me fat I think I would say it is mostly Geneva, a city of extremely thin people is making me fat. I am not saying the thin people in Geneva are making me fat, but the fact that I don't feel safe in Geneva. I don't go out for walks because the parks always have guys masterbating or someone following me.

I don't go to a gym because the gyms here are horrifyingly expensive. So the only thing left to do is to exercise at home. I just never feel motivated to exercise at home.

I am hoping things will change when I move to Iceland, I will have the swimming pools and I will be able to go to a cheap gym, I as well will have friends to be motivated with. The only thing I worry about is that I find that the Icelandic cuisine is quite fattening and I know I will probably live of bread and ice cream.

At the University of Iceland they have a personal trainer team for the students that I think I will go to, both to get healthy and because they have as well recipes that are tailored for poor students.


My Monthly Goals: June Review and July Goals

I quite enjoy writing out my monthly goals and seeing the progress (or more the lack of progress), what I enjoy even more is looking back at my older goals and see what I chose!

Anyway, here are my goals for July and a quick recap on how I did in June!

June Goals: 
July Goals:

1. Get to a great sleeping schedule
I am always a bit sceptic about sleeping schedule, as usual I started out great and now I have had very bad insomnia for the past three weeks. But I am still going to bed at the same time and getting out of bed in the morning at the same time. Doesn't though mean I am sleeping well.
2. Work out for 120 minutes
I worked out for 8 minutes! EIGHT! I am just too tired to work out, I have no energy.
3. Write 4 book reviews
I wrote one,I wrote about The Apprentice by Tess Gerritsen and I have other ones half written. I am hopeful that I will be able to post the rest of the books I have read this year.
4. Have 65 stars on my Wellness and Weight Loss chart
I am still at 43, but slowly getting my 44th star.
5. Finish reading the Rizzoli and Isles book series
Check! I can't wait for the next one that should come out in December/January.
6. Write down everything I spend/earn
7. Reach 300 blog posts
I almost got this one, this post is number 295!
8. Reach 30 YouTube videos
Done, I have now 35 videos on my YouTube channel!
9. Have a great morning workout routine
Heck no, this just did not happen!
10. Paint a chest of drawers
And no again, I guess I won't pain those chest of drawers.

July Goals:
1. Pack my stuff
2. Practice Arabic 
3. Write for 20 minutes a day
4. Finish setting up my personal planner 
5. Start following my daily cleaning schedule again
6. Post one recipe 
7. Lose 2 kg 
8. Do my Makeup Inventory
9. 7 Days of food diary
10. Write in my Journal at least 7 times

Do you have any goals for July?

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