Monday, January 25, 2016

Winter Goals (21st December 2015 - 20. March 2016)

I promise this is the last post for awhile that is all about my goals, I just like setting myself goals. As I mentioned in my previous posts I decided not to set any new year resolutions this year but instead focus on seasonal goals. 

By setting myself seasonal goals instead of yearly it is easier for me to follow through since 3 months feels like a long enough time to accomplish my goals but not too long so the goals aren't relevant anymore and I lose steam. 

I decided for this winter to set myself six goals, these are all something that I have thought about and something I really want to accomplish and at the same time something I am pretty sure I can accomplish.

  • Stay on schedule with classwork and essay.
  • Write 7500 words.
  • Start a workout routine.
  • Start a reading journal.
  • Start blogging again.
  • Upload a knitting pattern.
I've started working on all of the goals so that is something and I am sure that I will accomplish all six. 

That's all for today, I wish you a wonderful day :) 

Sunday, January 24, 2016

15 Goals for 2015: End of Year Update.

As I mentioned in my previous post even though I was sure I had not really accomplished most of my 2015 goals I still wanted to see what I did accomplish.

1. Move & 2. Get married
I am going to lump these two together because they are connected. I did not move or get married this year because it was decided it would be better if I would graduate first. So my main focus is to graduate and then all these other big things can happen,

3. Write an article for a magazine.
This one didn't happen either and I can honestly say I didn't even try.

4. Watch movies from A-Z
I started this one strong and though I might accomplish this but what really happened is that I always forgot to write down what films I had seen and therefore have no idea if I even came close. I'm not a huge film watching person.

5. Go to 7 museums
Sadly no, I really thought I would have more time in the past year than I actually had. I was dreaming of all this free time that I would definitely have only for real life to hit me and laugh,

6. Reach my makeup/nail polish inventory goal
This actually happened and I have the video to proof it (see here)!

7. Reach my clothes inventory goal
When I thought about this goal I wasn't really sure what kind of style I wanted to have. I know it now but at the same time I am going to continue with my "lazy & exhausted college student" style and when I graduate I am going to go into the style that I know I want.

8. Finish writing a novel
I did not accomplish this one BUT I did write a short story and I was really happy about it.

9. Fall in love with blogging again
This did not happen and I know why. When I spend the entire day writing and editing and writing and reading and writing and banging my head on my keyboard and hope a coherent sentence was formed I just don't have the mental energy or will to start blogging again.
It isn't that I don't like blogging (I love it) it is more that my brain just needed a break,

10. Start working on having a Capsule Wardrobe
This one is pretty much accomplished, I have a capsule wardrobe, it just is in the aforementioned "lazy & exhausted college student" style.

11. Open up my online handmade store
This is again failed because of time, in 2015 I had no real free time.

12. Post a picture on Instagram every day.
This one started great and then I just stopped, I was having a problem with my instagram on my phone since it always stopped my WiFi working so I could never really answer and comments and it was being all buggy so I needed a break from it, I still now post instagram pictures regularly and I figured out that I can answer comments if I am in my kitchen or on campus,

13. Learn to embroider
This is something that I had planned on doing when I moved, but since I didn't move it didn't happen.

14. Lose 15 kg (33 lbs).
This one I started strong and lost something (no idea how much) and then I just stopped, it had a lot to do with free time and just me not really being motivated. I haven't stepped on a scale for probably around 4-5 months so I have no idea, my jeans fit as before so I guess I am around the same weight. At the same time I don't really care, I would like to be healthier and work out more and eat healthier and that is something that I am working on now but the scale is no important. 

15. Close Caption all my YouTube videos.
This is something I just forgot to do, I started strong but didn't do much really. It is still something I would like to accomplish.

That is all for today.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

2015. What a Year.

I wanted to dedicate a blog post about the things I did accomplish in the past year before I go and write about all the goals I had planned achieving but probably didn't even come close.

I can honestly say that I worked tremendously hard this year. I spent the majority of the year in Iceland studying, with occasional visits to the people closest to my heart in Switzerland and Massachusetts. I've been enjoying travelling this past year, but I am really looking forward not to sit in an airplane for hours at a time and the jet lag. 

In 2015 I decided to keep on going with my YouTube channel and I've really been enjoying editing videos and just doing something I fun.

2015 was also a year of a lot of studying, I finished two more semesters at university and now I am working on my final semester. I am absolutely dumbfounded by it. I love this university and whilst I am happy that I am finishing I will miss the Professors, my schoolmates, and the cafeteria.

2015 was a year of not being afraid. I started volunteering in a charity shop and I love it. It really helped me being more open to strangers and being friendlier.

Even though I probably didn't reach any of my 2015 goals (I can't even remember what I wanted to accomplish) I'm really happy with how my year was and I am looking forward to what this year has to bring.

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