Monday, January 25, 2016

Winter Goals (21st December 2015 - 20. March 2016)

I promise this is the last post for awhile that is all about my goals, I just like setting myself goals. As I mentioned in my previous posts I decided not to set any new year resolutions this year but instead focus on seasonal goals. 

By setting myself seasonal goals instead of yearly it is easier for me to follow through since 3 months feels like a long enough time to accomplish my goals but not too long so the goals aren't relevant anymore and I lose steam. 

I decided for this winter to set myself six goals, these are all something that I have thought about and something I really want to accomplish and at the same time something I am pretty sure I can accomplish.

  • Stay on schedule with classwork and essay.
  • Write 7500 words.
  • Start a workout routine.
  • Start a reading journal.
  • Start blogging again.
  • Upload a knitting pattern.
I've started working on all of the goals so that is something and I am sure that I will accomplish all six. 

That's all for today, I wish you a wonderful day :) 


  1. I love seeing how organised you are. Your goals are big yet manageable, best of luck with them!

    1. Thank you, I find that if I am organized I feel better mentally than when I am not. I thought they might be too big but as of now I have accomplished quite a lot of them and am doing well with the rest, so I am hopeful that I will reached most if not all :)


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