Tuesday, October 7, 2014

My Monthly Goals: September Review and October Goals

September was an interesting month! I started my second year at University and got used to the fact that I live in Iceland now! Sadly, I didn't do as well as I had hoped with my September goals.

September Goals:
1. Go to the gym 4 times.
I almost did it! I went to the gym 3 times! In September!
2. Organize my closet. 
Check, hopefully there will be a video on it in October. 
3. Organize my desk.
As I look over at my desk I can say without a doubt that I did not accomplish this goal this month!
4. Get a job.
I applied to a lot of jobs but no luck! 
5. Start knitting again.
This I did accomplish! Since I love knitting it wasn't a hard task to accomplish! 
6. Buy myself winter shoes.
I was planning on buying the new shoes in Iceland but I found the ones I wanted in Target so I will buy them when I go to the states.
7. Start a regular blogging schedule again.
I wish I had accomplished this one, somehow I just haven't been in the mood to write anything.
8. Start on my photo challenge.
Check! The first post about my photo challenge should be up this week!
9. Set up an area where I can easily take pictures of products that I want to review.
Check, at the moment it isn't completely ready since my desk is a mess! 
10. Start reviewing products again.
This hasn't happened, I have couple of products that I want to review so that is something.

October Goals:
1. Upload and write 4 weekly vlogs and blogs.
2. Upload my closet organization video.
3. Enjoy my vacation.
4. Get my blogging mojo back.
5. Start taking outfit pictures.
6. Go to the gym 4 times.
7. Get to a better sleeping schedule.
8. Walk 100 000 steps.
9. Eat more vegetables.
10. Start organizing my life again.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Trashy Reykjavík

I wanted to talk about something I have noticed here in Reykjavík, I might be bit biased because Geneva was kept clean, the streets were cleaned twice a day and there were trash cans everywhere! I feel like the attitude towards trash in Reykjavík is a bit different like the nature should just take care of all the trash that is thrown at it. First of all I haven't seen or heard a street cleaner since I came here, and second of all where are all the trash cans?

I arrived to Reykjavík about a week after the Gay Pride Parade, and there were still gigantic pieces of confetti everywhere. And even now I still see some confetti flying around. It wouldn't be so noticeable but that confetti is made out of plastic and isn't going to disappear anytime soon. 

Only if the trash problem in Reykjavík ended there, which is doesn't. Reykjavík is extremely trashy and I am shocked that people aren't more ashamed of it! Because this is something tourist will notice and it doesn't really show a great picture of Iceland.

I walk around quite a lot, since it is something I am used to and something I like doing and during couple of those walks I have picked up a piece of trash planning on throwing it into the next trashcan only to end up holding on to it until I reach my destination.

And on one of those walks I actually decided to take couple of pictures of the trash that was lying around, I started just taking couple put at the moment I have tons of them on my phone! There is just so much trash everywhere!

So I ask myself, is this what Icelandic people want the tourists to remember? And why aren't there any trash cans?


Monday, September 15, 2014

26 Things Before my 26th Birthday: 9. Have 50 YouTube videos

At last I managed to finish one of the items of my 26 things before my 26th birthday list. It came as well during a good time when I had started doubting myself! But at last, some success. So if you want to check out my YouTube channel here is the link. At the same time I reached this goal I as well reached 10 000 views in total on my YouTube channel which made me super happy!

And my 50th video was this little gem:

Friday, September 12, 2014

Weekly VLOG #6 (23/08-29/08): Culture night, the ocean and the lack of trash bins!

I am getting behind on these vlogs! However, let me tell you about the week that I had (23/08-29/08).

It started by my friends calling me and asking if I wanted to join them in watching the fireworks that were about to happen during Reykjavíks Culture Night (Menningarnótt). I jumped on the offer since I had been moping all week since I was alone (I talked about that in my last vlog). I was as well facing couple of my anxieties, crowds and going somewhere alone and hoping to find my friends.

Luckily I found them quickly and had a nice night! The next day (Sunday) I went to the beach, Icelandic style, which is in winter clothes! The beach was gorgeous and very refreshing. I found so much of sea glass!

As it was the last week before my classes would start I had to do some paper work and as I was walking around getting things done I noticed how dirty and trashy Reykjavík actually is (and I will have a full post on that later) and I noticed as well one of the reason why it is so trashy! There are NO trash bins anywhere! 

I as well did some necessary food shopping and realized even more how odd it is just to buy food for one and how much impact my betrothed had on dinner ideas. Even though I felt at times that I was doing it all by myself I can see now that that was all a lie!

And the at last the video! 

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