Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bayou Pierre Alligator Park - Louisiana

On our road trip N and I really wanted to see some alligators. On our way to Natitoches we saw a sign for a Alligator Park. We didn't really think about it that much but than at our hotel we saw a brochure for it and we really wanted to check it out! 

In one pool they had baby alligators and there you could hold one and have a picture taken of you with them. 

They have feeding shows every half an hour, the show is amazing. There are serious amount of alligators and they leap up in the air to grab the chicken.

In the Alligator Park they had as well a restaurant (good French fries) and other animals. I saw a gorgeous dragon fly. I love dragon flies, they are just amazing.

 I saw as well one peacock. It was just standing there doing nothing, sadly it didn't spread it's tail for us. 

It's not hard to get there, just drive on highway 1 and it's between Powhatan and Natchitoches. There is a big alligator school bus by the road you should turn into. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It was vacation time...

I'm sorry that I haven't been posting anything, N. and I went on a road-trip for two weeks. It was amazing. I'm just getting into routine again and that means hopefully more writing. I've got tons of pictures, both that I took and that N. took. This one N. took of me right before we drove into Galveston (or as I like to call it G-town). I'm really looking forward to share my favourite places that we went to see in Louisiana and Texas. 

Lots of Love 

Monday, August 1, 2011

Deep Eddy Pool

Yesterday I went with Ariane and her lovely family for a Austin outing. The last location of our mini trip was the Deep Eddy Pool.  It's the oldest swimming pool in Texas! The water comes from a spring so there is no chlorine in it! All that just equals an amazing experience and an amazing pool.

One funny thing about the pool trip was when I had been in the water for some time all the lifeguards blew their whistles and everyone left the pool. For a moment I was sure that someone had pooped in the pool or something like that. What it really was is that every hour all the people that aren't swimming have to leave the pool for 10 minutes. They do this to prevent hypothermia.  

At Deep Eddy they were still working on a mosaic mural. It was stunning, it should have been finished in July but there was still a lot of things not finished.

The detail of the mural is amazing! Look at those little fishes! 

This summer they had Deep Eddy Splash Party, there is one day left August 6th and they'll show Tangled.

I have some more pictures from Austin that I'll show later :) 

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