Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bayou Pierre Alligator Park - Louisiana

On our road trip N and I really wanted to see some alligators. On our way to Natitoches we saw a sign for a Alligator Park. We didn't really think about it that much but than at our hotel we saw a brochure for it and we really wanted to check it out! 

In one pool they had baby alligators and there you could hold one and have a picture taken of you with them. 

They have feeding shows every half an hour, the show is amazing. There are serious amount of alligators and they leap up in the air to grab the chicken.

In the Alligator Park they had as well a restaurant (good French fries) and other animals. I saw a gorgeous dragon fly. I love dragon flies, they are just amazing.

 I saw as well one peacock. It was just standing there doing nothing, sadly it didn't spread it's tail for us. 

It's not hard to get there, just drive on highway 1 and it's between Powhatan and Natchitoches. There is a big alligator school bus by the road you should turn into. 

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