Saturday, September 3, 2011

Pendleton Bridge and Toledo Bend Lake

The first night on our road trip we camped - it was hell. Well, it was hell for me. We got there right before it started being pitch dark, barely managed to put up the tent, didn't manage to put it up right. The pump for the air mattress didn't work good so the air mattress was just 25% filled with air. Oh, and don't let me forget it was hot hot hot. I was as well scared, I'm used to camp but there are always quite a lot of people around me when I do, that night it looked like we where the only ones there. All night long I was worried that a serial killer (or just a regular killer) would come and kill us. I kept on hearing dog barks and twigs being broken. 

Therefore I barely slept, at 4 40 am I gave up. I was sticky from my sweat and my hair was glued to my skin. I woke up N. and we packed out stuff together and drove away. The only picture I took from there was this one:

I took this picture right before we left, the sun is about to rise and the scene was just gorgeous. 

We didn't want to stop again until Louisiana so we drove and drove. After we crossed the Pendleton Bridge (connects Texas and Louisiana) we decided to make a quick stop and stretch our legs. 

   There was no one else there except for us, it was quiet and peaceful. They had some pick-nick benches around so it's possible to stop there and have a lunch. 

I just have 13 days until I arrive back in Geneva, time has gone so quickly by!

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