Thursday, October 24, 2013

Wellness and Weight Loss Wednesday

It has been a long time since I stepped on the scale the last time and part of me was nervous that I had gained weight. 

However, it  was a happy moment when I saw that not only hadn't I gained weight I had lost some! As before, my weight loss is slow but slow and steady wins the race! 

Last weigh in:      79.6 kg
Today's weigh in: 79.3 kg

Wellness wise I have as well been doing pretty great. I have been good at not getting overly stressed over my midterms and in return I have been doing amazingly in my midterms! The last one will be this Friday!

My cold is finally gone and took the cough with it! It feels amazing being able to breath again! But at the same time the rainy and foggy period in Geneva has arrived with a bang but I am doing my best at staying warm and dry!


Friday, October 18, 2013

Weekly Grocery Shopping #3

I am so annoyed by that picture, it was taken in bad light and with my phone. Horror.

Fruit and Vegetables
Tomatoes     1.35
Onions         2.40
Limes           2.30
Mixed Salad  3.90
Milk (2 liters)                             3.40
Cheddar Cathedral City                4.50
Assortment of Cheese                  5.55
Cream Cheese (2x)                      4.30
Philadelphia Herbs and Garlic        2.60
M Budget Mozzarella (2x)             6.00
Mini Babybel                               2.55 (on sale)
Excellent Truffle Yogurt (4 cups)  3.80
Baked Goods:
Pan Bianco (gluten free bread) 3.40
Baguette (gluten free)              4.20
Aha! Crackers (gluten free)     5.50
Gran Pavesi Salted                  3.10
Apéro Baked Goods                7.70 (on sale)
Snickers (6x50g)                          2.10
Aha! Farmer Crunchy (gluten free) 3.60
Shrimps in Cocktail Sauce      4.60
Frozen Shrimps                   10.10
Pistachios                             6.90
Chorizo Picante                     7.60
Chicken breasts                   10.70 (on sale)
Beef Stew (2x)                      9.60
Lasagne                                7.70 (on sale)
Yellow Lentils                        1.90
M Budget Pickles                   3.00
Canned Tomatoes (2x)           1.80
Tom Ka Paste                        1.30
Tom Yum Paste                     1.30
Aha! Penne (gluten free pasta) 4.20
Aha! Gluten Free Flour           6.20
Noodle Soup (4x)                   4.40
Condensed Milk                     3.65
I am Natural Cosmetics Cleansing Gel    7.50
This weeks total was 164.70 CHF ($182.93/£112.79)

Last week, the food didn't last all week so we are hoping this week it will last all week. And since we spent more than 100 CHF we got as well a 2x Cumulus Points Bonus that we can use when we got to Migros next time. 

In this shopping trip we earned 1 790 Cumulus points, when turned into money is about 17 CHF. But I will talk more about the point system in another post!


P.S. How much do you spend on your weekly shopping?

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wellness and Weight Loss Wednesday

I have been thinking about the name of my Wednesday weight loss posts for some time and since I am not really working out I decided to change it into Wellness and Weight Loss Wednesday!

I wanted to include wellness because for me that involves so much more than just weight loss and workouts. It includes both my mental and physical health which I believe are equally important.

I haven't stepped on the scale now for two weeks, last week because I had exams and just didn't want to think about anything else and today because I am ill and I just don't want to see discouraging numbers.

Speaking of being ill, I have had a cold now for about 3 weeks! It has gone from me being a super snotty whiny person to now a super coughy even more whinier person. Have I mentioned before how I hate being sick! I HATE IT! It just drains me, luckily this time around I have been taking extra good care of myself. I keep on drinking hot tea and I have been to the pharmacy twice to get different medicine, first I went for my all time favorite NeoCitran. If you live in Switzerland it is the best cold medicine around! THE BEST! 

It is easy to get since it is a very common cold medicine here, you don't need presciption you can just get it over the counter in pharmacies! It comes in small satchels and all you need is hot water. It tastes pretty good as well since it tastes like lemons! Perfect for when you have a cold. 

NeoCitran main three ingredients are Paracetamol, Pheniramin-Maleat and Phenylephrine. It as well has Vitamin C in it!

You are only allowed to have 3 of those bad boys a day but let me tell you they work like a charm!

So if you ever get a cold or the flu in Switzerland pick up a NeoCitran!

Somehow this post went from me changing its name to "how to survive in Switzerland with a cold" type of post!

Anyhow, I'll definitely weigh myself next week!


Monday, October 14, 2013

Review: Migros - I am Natural Cosmetics - Rose Cleansing Milk for Dry and Sensitive Skin

I have had a big debate with myself if I should write this review or not, it isn't that this is a negative review it is more that this review is based on strange personal preferences that just aren't to everyone's liking.

However, I decided to write about the I am Natural Rose Cleansing Milk for Dry and Sensitive Skin known as Reinigungsmilch - trockene und sensible Haut - sanfte Reinigung in German and Lait Démaquillant - peaux sèches et sensibles - nettoyage douceur in French. I decided to write about it because even with my personal preference I can still talk about the product without being biased! 

On the back of the bottle it says (translated from German)
Gentle cleansing milk with wild roses-, marigold- and sweet wood extracts from controlled organic cultivation for dry and sensitive skin. Removes makeup, dirt particles, and excess oil. Organic shea butter and sunflower oil nurture and protect the skin from drying out.
Usage: Gently massage into the skin, remove with a damp cotton pad, clarify the skin with Facial Toner
When I picked up the bottle in the store, the description was what made me buy it. The scent of it is as well amazing, it smells so calming and with a hint of rose.

It removes all my make-up and even the mascara without me having to scrub hard and it doesn't dry out my skin at all.

But with all that amazingness, I still can't stand this product! I think it is because it is a cleansing milk, I just don't like cleansing milks. Cleansing milks just gross me out and I feel uncomfortable using them! I don't know why but that is really the only reason I don't like this product.

Do you like cleansing milks?


Saturday, October 12, 2013

Friday Favorites and Flops #4

So I was ready to post this last night (on a Friday) but I came late home from work so I just went to sleep. So this weeks Friday Favorites and Flops went up on Saturday!  


*I kicked ass on my exams.
*Our kitchen is finally clean, it takes such a long time to wash all the dishes and clean the kitchen since it is very small and unorganized but it is starting to shape up.


*I still have a cold, it has turned into a couch and it is annoying.
*I haven't been blogging, it frustrates me since I love blogging. 
*Out apartment isn't clean, I want it to be clean. 

Even though it looks like the week wasn't that good it actually was pretty great! I'm very happy with the week and I am sure this week won't be bad either. Happy days ahead! 


Friday, October 11, 2013

Weekly Grocery Shopping #2

I decided to change the title of this post from Weekly Food Shopping to Weekly Grocery Shopping and just add the other things we actually buy at the grocery store. You can see my previous Weekly Grocery Shopping here

I decided this time to organize the items I bought into groups. 

Celery            2.35
Corn salad      3.20 (on sale)
Green Onions 1.90
Cucumber      1.70
Potatoes         3.90 
Butter                                                                  3.10
Half Cream (pack of 3)                                          3.05
Cream                                                                  1.65
M Budget Mozzarella                                             3.00
Cheddar Cathedral City                                          4.50
Sour Cream (two packs)                                        5.30
Philadelphia Cream Cheese with Garlic and Herbs      2.60
Excellent Truffle Yogurt (4 cups)                            3.80
Milk (1 liter)                                                          1.70 
Flan Chocolate (6 pack)     2.50 (on sale)
Snickers 6x50g                 2.10 
Aha! Penne (Gluten Free pasta)    4.20
Pane Bianco (Gluten Free bread)   3.40
M Budget Pickles                        3.00
Beef Stew                                  4.80
M Classic Coca Cola Syrup          5.10
Berry Syrup                                3.00

Toilet Paper 24 rolls                        13.00 (on sale)
I am Natural Cosmetics Body Lotion  6.00 (on sale)

 The total this week was 88.85 CHF ($97.65/£61.22) 

While there are things on here that will last us more than a week, there are as well things that we will need to buy again next week. We didn't buy any fruits this week since we still have some from last week that we need to eat. We as well have way to much of other things so I have to start using up what we have! 

I as well only bought four things that were on sale, I usually buy more and I want to try to buy much more on sale. Sadly the gluten free stuff is never on sale! 

What I like about doing these posts is too see the price change as well, in April, the Philadelphia Cheese was 30 cents more than this week! Something I never would have noticed!

I might write more posts on how I try to stay on budget when grocery shopping in Switzerland, since groceries are really expensive here! 


Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday Favorites and Flops #3


* We finally bought a new vacuum cleaner, it is magical. 
* Everything is ready for my exams (I was worried since I send it my papers late but everything went perfectly)
*Pumpkin Spice Latte 
*Amazing things in the Pink Box (post will go up tomorrow, I have just been studying)


* I got a cold, damn you stuffy nooose.
* My exams will start on Monday
* Did I already mention my stuffy nose? 

I really did have a great week! And I am hoping next week won't be bad! But hey, the week after that might be amazing.. or maybe next month!

How was your week? Any favorites or flops? 


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

25 Things Before My 25th Birthday: 21. Have over 250 published post on my blog

Another one bites the dust!

I am actually quite proud of this one! In 2011 I had 61 posts, in 2012 there were 50 and so far in 2013 I have posted 140 posts! 

250 posts, 288 comments, 119 GFC, 105 Bloglovin Followers, 293 Twitter Followers, 12 Youtube Followers and million happy moments! 

I feel like in 2013 I decided be more focused on blogging and I cannot wait for what 2014 has to offer!

Check out my other posts about my 25th Birthday list. 


Workout & Weight Loss Wednesday

I want to start writing Weekly Food Shopping posts again, I did it once and I really liked it! I just love looking back at things and being able to see what food I bought here in Switzerland when I have moved. I'm going to see how I feel about it on Thursday when we do our weekly shopping and try to take some pictures! The main problem with taking the pictures after I do all the shopping is the fact that I have a tiny kitchen! It is so hard to fit everything into one picture! 

Anyways, onto what this post is supposed to be about, weight loss! And, guess what! This week I had some minor weight loss! 

Last week weigh in: 79.7 kg (175.7 lbs)
This week weigh in: 79.6 kg (175.5 lbs)

Not a big loss this week but it went a tiny bit down! And hey! I didn't gain weight and for me that is a big success! I feel more focused and if I lose 100 grams a week that will still end in some great weight loss! In 10 weeks that would be a kilo, and in a year I would lose a little over 5 kg (11 lbs). Which is great, so a little loss is still a success!


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My Monthly Goals: October 2013

For October I only have 9 goals, I just couldn't think of more goals. I am so fully focused on my midterms and my anxiety levels are super high for these exams that I just can't think about anything else at the moment. 

Luckily my exams are not the entire month so hopefully the end of the month will be better!

1. Start making Christmas cards
2. Order more yarn
3. Sell all my read books
4. Do my best on my midterm exams.
5. Work on my secret project
6. Start taking pictures for my shop
7. Post 2 recipes
8. Write 2 posts about my 25 things before my 25th birthday
9. Organize my make up table

It just looks so horrible with only 9 goals, I don't like the number 9. Anyways, have you set yourself some goals this month?

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