Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wellness and Weight Loss Wednesday

I have been thinking about the name of my Wednesday weight loss posts for some time and since I am not really working out I decided to change it into Wellness and Weight Loss Wednesday!

I wanted to include wellness because for me that involves so much more than just weight loss and workouts. It includes both my mental and physical health which I believe are equally important.

I haven't stepped on the scale now for two weeks, last week because I had exams and just didn't want to think about anything else and today because I am ill and I just don't want to see discouraging numbers.

Speaking of being ill, I have had a cold now for about 3 weeks! It has gone from me being a super snotty whiny person to now a super coughy even more whinier person. Have I mentioned before how I hate being sick! I HATE IT! It just drains me, luckily this time around I have been taking extra good care of myself. I keep on drinking hot tea and I have been to the pharmacy twice to get different medicine, first I went for my all time favorite NeoCitran. If you live in Switzerland it is the best cold medicine around! THE BEST! 

It is easy to get since it is a very common cold medicine here, you don't need presciption you can just get it over the counter in pharmacies! It comes in small satchels and all you need is hot water. It tastes pretty good as well since it tastes like lemons! Perfect for when you have a cold. 

NeoCitran main three ingredients are Paracetamol, Pheniramin-Maleat and Phenylephrine. It as well has Vitamin C in it!

You are only allowed to have 3 of those bad boys a day but let me tell you they work like a charm!

So if you ever get a cold or the flu in Switzerland pick up a NeoCitran!

Somehow this post went from me changing its name to "how to survive in Switzerland with a cold" type of post!

Anyhow, I'll definitely weigh myself next week!


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