Saturday, October 12, 2013

Friday Favorites and Flops #4

So I was ready to post this last night (on a Friday) but I came late home from work so I just went to sleep. So this weeks Friday Favorites and Flops went up on Saturday!  


*I kicked ass on my exams.
*Our kitchen is finally clean, it takes such a long time to wash all the dishes and clean the kitchen since it is very small and unorganized but it is starting to shape up.


*I still have a cold, it has turned into a couch and it is annoying.
*I haven't been blogging, it frustrates me since I love blogging. 
*Out apartment isn't clean, I want it to be clean. 

Even though it looks like the week wasn't that good it actually was pretty great! I'm very happy with the week and I am sure this week won't be bad either. Happy days ahead! 



  1. Hey lovely I nominated you for the Libster award. Love the fridqy flops.



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