Monday, January 31, 2011

January - Perfumes

I think January was quite a decent month. Since I decided to be more open (translate into friendly) I met quite amount of people. Yea, shocked me to the core! I did as well call people (hate calling people) and I managed to think of an amazing birthday present for Lizzie (that was then bought and given to her).

Today Emily made me smell (she forced me) a perfume that I just fell in love with! It's called Marry me by Lanvin. It's now on my perfume list. Yes, I do have a perfume list that I somehow always forget and then when I do go out and buy some I forget the ones I love and fall in love with some other perfume.

I've got quite a lot of perfumes (as with all beauty related stuff, you should see my nail varnishes) and I love them all. So since it's Monday and the last day of the month a list of my perfumes:

Sexy Little Things Noir - Victoria's Secret - Lizzie brought me this one from when she went to New York. She had it before and I got a whiff of it  and wanted it so badly! When I put it on I do really feel like Sexy Little Thing.

Ricci Ricci - Nina Ricci - I bought this one in September and it's almost always in my bag. I love it. It doesn't smell super sweet but makes me happy (I'm usually more for the super sweet perfumes)

Hypnôse - Lacôme - This is the first perfume I ever bought and was the one that made me actually start wearing perfumes. I always thought perfumes smelled like alcohol and this one made my world turn around, and I've got no regrets. It's almost finished and when it's finished I've got to make a decision if I buy one again or not. I'll probably have week long if not months of conversations about it with tears. It's just so hard for me to let things go (as we can see of the state of my bedroom).

Dior Addict 2 - Christian Dior - I bought this in a pack with some other Doir perfumes on my way back to Geneva from Copenhagen. I only bought a small bottle of them all since I hadn't tried many of the Dior perfumes. I love the pink bottle and where you spray it from (you press the knob).

Miss Dior Chérie L'eau -Christian Dior - This is like the little sister of Miss Dior Chérie and I don't like it! Miss Dior Chérie is amazing but this one just doesn't tingle my senses.

Miss Dior Chérie - Christian Dior - This is the big sister and I love it super much.The bottle spilled in my bag (totally my fault) and every time I opened my bag I got a whiff of it and it was amazing! I'm totally buying a new one and will use it!

Hypnotic Poison - Christian Dior - I've had a hate/lust/love relationship with this one for some time now. I smell it in the shop and I'm really don't want it. I smell it on a friend and I want it, then I bought it and loved it. At the same time I'm not sure if I should go for the bigger bottle.

J'adore- Christian Dior - I've been eyeing this one for some time now, I like the look of the bottle and the advertisement. The bottle reminds me of the Kayan Lahwi women and it just was that luring that I just had to have it. I won't buy a bigger one since the smell just somehow isn't me. It smells wonderful but not like me. The other perfumes that I have and love somehow smell like me, have my character, but this one just sadly doesn't.

So today only a chill post about my perfumes but tomorrow will be a make up post! Tuesday Make Up. I'm actually thinking about doing something crazy with it just for the fun of it!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Thursday Make Up

My week of make up didn't work, I've got a super legit excuse. I got eye infection! When you get eye infection you can't use eye make up or contact lenses (unless you want to contaminate them). There for I just barely used make up the entire week. It looked better on Thursday so I slapped on my pretty face but then on Thursday night it got worse. This weekend was as well the first time EVER that I went out partying with my glasses on!

This make up was picked because I love it! I'm just wearing three things and it takes me not even 5 minutes to make this and it's impossible to make this look bad.

I used my favourite eye liner, I've had it for some time and it's almost finished so I've got to buy a new one. I'm quite afraid that they don't have it any more since it was part of the summer make up. It's made by Yves Rocher, I've loved Yves Rocher for a long time, mostly because what they are. They are like Body Shop just better. But sadly the make up never reaches my standards, so the only thing I use from them right now is this eye liner. I can't find it anywhere on the internet so I took a picture my self of the little thing that's left of it. I just love the deep purple colour and since I've got green eyes it really makes my eye pop.
For mascara I used a mascara that I just bought. I was talked into it by the sales woman but I was very surprised and pleased how it works. The reason I was surprised was because I have tried the Extra-Volume Collagene from L'Oréal and I hated it, it made my lashes clump and was just awful! So after that one I had made the decision to never buy mascara from L'Oréal and then came Hypnôse Precious Cells. It was a love by first try and then the love didn't stop. It's supposed to make your lashes grow faster and better as well but that is just extra from how amazing this mascara is! So love love love!!!

I just bought this tinted lip conditioner when I was on my way back home from Copenhagen. The Mac lady at the Copenhagen Airport was very very good at her job! Not only did she pick out the exact right colour for me she as well sold it 100% to me without being too much. As I said it's from Mac and is called Tinted Lip Conditioner. The colour I use is called Fuchsia Fix. I've almost used it every day since I bought it. It stays well on my lips without being sticky (I hate sticky) and the jar it's in is cute :) It doesn't hurt that it is spf 15 (I'm a spf addict). I'm sure to say when this one runs out I'll run to buy a new one!

I didn't use any foundation or powder or anything else on my face since I just like not having anything on the skin! Not only is it hard to find something that isn't too dark for my skin or doesn't choke my freckles to death. I don't want to use tinted moisturiser (like everybody seems to suggest to me) because I DO like being super pale! It suits me and it's healthy!

I do plan on showing you 7 different make ups! So two down five to go! :)

Have a good start of the week

Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Make Up

I make a lot of plans on Sunday night about the week but when the alarm clock rings on Monday all those plans are thrown in the trash and I press snooze. For example made I that decision last night to wake up at 7:15 this morning, eat breakfast (oatmeal) and go biking for an hour. What did happen was me swearing like a pirate turning my alarm off and sleeping until 11. I did make myself oatmeal for late breakfast/early lunch (with cinnamon and honey mmmm) but I was still in my pyjamas when the clock struck 12. I had made other plans as well for this week and I actually managed to do part one (of seven) today.

The problem I've got is that I am such person of habit, it hasn't gone over to the world of OCD but I think it's closing in. There for this week I made a decision that I would have different kind of make up every day. This is day one.

The reason for me wearing make up today is well this morning I woke up hideous. Well yes I do look same as yesterday, like some mornings I wake up as an super obese person, this morning I woke up ugly. So I decided to wear little make up that would just hide my ugliness.

The make up I'm wearing to today is mostly Clinique.

For powder I'm using Clinique Almost Powder, I use the lightest one (Fair 01). This is the only powder/foundation that works with my freckles. It helps with my super shiny skin (super shiny skin + big forhead = what the heeellll?!?!)

For my eyes I'm using Le Crayon Khôl Noir from Lancôme. I like this one quite a lot since it isn't as soft as many Khôl's on the market. It's as well true black a colour that many many black Khôls just don't reach. This one is perfect for darkening underneath the eyelashes as I did today, that way it's much more natural look and makes your eyelashes look darker.

My eye-shadow is as well Clinique, it's Colour surge eye shadow
duo. Mine is butter pecan (nr. 04). I only use the light part (I think that one is the butter) to cover my eyelids so they look fresher.

And then it's the mascara. Mascara is my rock in this world. It's a love love relationship and I almost cry when I finish one of them (I own way way to many). Today I used Clinique High impact mascara . Of course it's black! I like this one, it doesn't clump the eyelashes and it makes them really look just stunning.

Lastly let's talk about lips. My lips are quite funky, they are fat but my mouth is strangely small (yea yea I know, how can my mouth be small, you talk so much). My lips are as well constantly chapped. Today I'm wearing Clinique superbalm moisturizing gloss (colour 02 raspberry). It's fine, nothing special really. I don't think I'll buy a new one when it's finished, it makes my lips shiny and pretty much nothing else and if I want just shiny lips I use a very good lip balm.

Well, there you have it, Monday make up. It took me about 5 minutes to do it (a heaven for Monday mornings)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Book Review: Black Hills by Nora Roberts

Since I'm on a holiday I started reading more and I love it. I always forget how amazing it is just to chill and read a good book. The book I just finished is called Black Hills by Nora Roberts. Nora Roberts has written more then 209 romantic novels. I always find it very strange when authors have written that amount (and more) of books. Black Hills was a decent book, it started slow and it had not a very well written ending (I'm still searching for the perfect ending!). The middle and right before the ending was good. I find that books never actually that good, for me finding a book that amazes me is almost impossible (that is why I decided to write something about all the books I read this year).

Black Hills is about Lil Change and Cooper Sullivan (horrible names!!) and their journey trough life. It spans quite a lot of years but has long gaps in between them. The years are 1989, 1997 and 2009. Biggest part of the book happens in 2009 when Lil and Cooper are grown ups. The book is in as well 3 parts (has nothing to do with the years so I've no idea why she chose to break it extra down as well in 3 parts). The parts are called Heart, Head and Spirit. I think it would have been cooler if all the parts would have started with H!

My favourite quotes from the book:
Page 49: It was weird, it was strange, it was unexpected. But she had the hots for her best friend.
-Lil's thoughts.
Page 289: She dragged at his thermal, yanking it up and away, impatient now to feel him.
-Lil again, my question, since when was thermal underwear sexy? The last thing I think about when I wear my thermal underwear is someone yanking them up and away.
Page 316: She kept her eyes closed, listened to him go down. Waited until she'd heard the front door open, then shut behind him. And gave into the turmoil he managed to set off inside her. As the rain pounded, she cried herself to sleep.
-I really love this quote, Lil is a very strong character but still manages to have some feelings.
Page 375: "And you like the sex."
"And I like the sex," she said, very coolly.
-Lil and Cooper, this quote just made me laugh a bit when I read it.
Page 383: "No. Or it doesn't matter as much as the fact that I love you. I've waited this long. I can wait until you stop being mad at me."
-Cooper, I find how he (and most of the other male characters) speak/think is quite womanly.
Page 397: "I'm not going dewy-eyed over dream children,Coop."
-I like how direct Lil is here, Nora Roberts really good at writing the girl part in this book the guy parts aren't really special.

All in all the book was fine, I'm not sure if I want to read any other book after Nora Roberts (there are MANY), I somehow am quite sure that they are all very very similar. I'm not saying never!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Last weekend (7th-10th January) I went to Copenhagen. I've always loved Copenhagen, it's charming and cosy and has AMAZING hot chocolate with whipped cream and don't let me start on the pastries. Oh the pastries, mmmm, I'm sure if I would live in Copenhagen I would be super-super fat. The amount of pastries I ate and hot chocolate I drank this weekend is shocking.

I think this is one of the fist time I'm in Copenhagen when there has been snow. There was snow, a lot of snow and ice. The temperature was most of the time around 0°C so it wasn't supposed to be that cold but I was freezing!

As we all know Copenhagen is city of bikes. Luckily this time I didn't get almost hit by the bikes! Finally I have managed to fully understand what are the bike lanes and what are the people lanes (hahah)

What I as well like about Copenhagen are these street lights. They tell you how long you have to wait and then how long you have got to cross the street.

And then of course LEGO!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Book Review: Trespassing By Uzma Aslam Khan

I decided to take some time away from the school books when I went to Copenhagen this weekend so I decided to read a normal book. The book that I chose was Trespassing by Uzma Aslam Khan. I picked the book because of the cover. Yea yea I know, don't judge the book by it's cover but the cover on this one is absolutely gorgeous. The book is very good, I liked how Khan organized the book, there where some twist, one of them caught me off guard but the rest of them I actually realized in the beginning (sadly but normal). The writing is good as well, there are some sentences that are odd.
Page 382: He loosened his shalwar and crapped a stream of rewri three feet from Fatah
That image didn't leave my head for many more pages and it's not even the only poo related sentences in the book.
Page 151: It was just 8 A.M. The mourners would start arriving around nine. There were fewer, now that three weeks had passed since his father's death, but still more than he wanted to meet. He combed his hair and braced himself for another day of being the Amreekan orphan.
The boy in this quote is called Daanish (not pronounced Day-nish)
Page 30: The nails were painted pink to match her freckled flesh. She was broad , heavy-bosomed, about five foot six and proclaimed, "You're so graceful, Day-nish." His chlorine-blazed eyes blinked. He'd forgive her inability to say it. For the first time in his life, he'd been sought.
All in all this is a good book and I'll probably read it one day again. I think I'll even read some other books that Uzma Aslam Khan has written like Transgression and The Geometry of God.

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year Resolutions

It's quite weird for me that it is already 2011 mostly because 2010 was so intense and so strange and full of ups and downs and people leaving my life and other people coming into my life. When I look back I really liked 2010, the heartbreaks taught me many things about myself and others.

In 2010 I...

...learned what I wanted to do with myself and started it
...made some amazing friends and lost some friends that I thought where amazing
...fell in love and got my heart broken and then got over it
....I grew out my hair to desired length and started to love it again

it's just a piece of what I managed to do. I don't think I did that much but when I look back I feel like I did quite a lot.

So for 2011 I'm going to:

*Work on my fears (started that on the 1st of January when I went to a Birthday party by myself and had fantastic time!)
*Open up more
*Write more
*Move out from home and get a coffee machine
*Make something every week
*Start loving my hair more and don't just always have shabby hair.

I think I actually can manage these, I'm looking for a new place to live and I'm making stuff right now and I'm writing.

Let's just hope for the best.

x x
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