Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Make Up

I make a lot of plans on Sunday night about the week but when the alarm clock rings on Monday all those plans are thrown in the trash and I press snooze. For example made I that decision last night to wake up at 7:15 this morning, eat breakfast (oatmeal) and go biking for an hour. What did happen was me swearing like a pirate turning my alarm off and sleeping until 11. I did make myself oatmeal for late breakfast/early lunch (with cinnamon and honey mmmm) but I was still in my pyjamas when the clock struck 12. I had made other plans as well for this week and I actually managed to do part one (of seven) today.

The problem I've got is that I am such person of habit, it hasn't gone over to the world of OCD but I think it's closing in. There for this week I made a decision that I would have different kind of make up every day. This is day one.

The reason for me wearing make up today is well this morning I woke up hideous. Well yes I do look same as yesterday, like some mornings I wake up as an super obese person, this morning I woke up ugly. So I decided to wear little make up that would just hide my ugliness.

The make up I'm wearing to today is mostly Clinique.

For powder I'm using Clinique Almost Powder, I use the lightest one (Fair 01). This is the only powder/foundation that works with my freckles. It helps with my super shiny skin (super shiny skin + big forhead = what the heeellll?!?!)

For my eyes I'm using Le Crayon Khôl Noir from Lancôme. I like this one quite a lot since it isn't as soft as many Khôl's on the market. It's as well true black a colour that many many black Khôls just don't reach. This one is perfect for darkening underneath the eyelashes as I did today, that way it's much more natural look and makes your eyelashes look darker.

My eye-shadow is as well Clinique, it's Colour surge eye shadow
duo. Mine is butter pecan (nr. 04). I only use the light part (I think that one is the butter) to cover my eyelids so they look fresher.

And then it's the mascara. Mascara is my rock in this world. It's a love love relationship and I almost cry when I finish one of them (I own way way to many). Today I used Clinique High impact mascara . Of course it's black! I like this one, it doesn't clump the eyelashes and it makes them really look just stunning.

Lastly let's talk about lips. My lips are quite funky, they are fat but my mouth is strangely small (yea yea I know, how can my mouth be small, you talk so much). My lips are as well constantly chapped. Today I'm wearing Clinique superbalm moisturizing gloss (colour 02 raspberry). It's fine, nothing special really. I don't think I'll buy a new one when it's finished, it makes my lips shiny and pretty much nothing else and if I want just shiny lips I use a very good lip balm.

Well, there you have it, Monday make up. It took me about 5 minutes to do it (a heaven for Monday mornings)


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