Friday, October 11, 2013

Weekly Grocery Shopping #2

I decided to change the title of this post from Weekly Food Shopping to Weekly Grocery Shopping and just add the other things we actually buy at the grocery store. You can see my previous Weekly Grocery Shopping here

I decided this time to organize the items I bought into groups. 

Celery            2.35
Corn salad      3.20 (on sale)
Green Onions 1.90
Cucumber      1.70
Potatoes         3.90 
Butter                                                                  3.10
Half Cream (pack of 3)                                          3.05
Cream                                                                  1.65
M Budget Mozzarella                                             3.00
Cheddar Cathedral City                                          4.50
Sour Cream (two packs)                                        5.30
Philadelphia Cream Cheese with Garlic and Herbs      2.60
Excellent Truffle Yogurt (4 cups)                            3.80
Milk (1 liter)                                                          1.70 
Flan Chocolate (6 pack)     2.50 (on sale)
Snickers 6x50g                 2.10 
Aha! Penne (Gluten Free pasta)    4.20
Pane Bianco (Gluten Free bread)   3.40
M Budget Pickles                        3.00
Beef Stew                                  4.80
M Classic Coca Cola Syrup          5.10
Berry Syrup                                3.00

Toilet Paper 24 rolls                        13.00 (on sale)
I am Natural Cosmetics Body Lotion  6.00 (on sale)

 The total this week was 88.85 CHF ($97.65/£61.22) 

While there are things on here that will last us more than a week, there are as well things that we will need to buy again next week. We didn't buy any fruits this week since we still have some from last week that we need to eat. We as well have way to much of other things so I have to start using up what we have! 

I as well only bought four things that were on sale, I usually buy more and I want to try to buy much more on sale. Sadly the gluten free stuff is never on sale! 

What I like about doing these posts is too see the price change as well, in April, the Philadelphia Cheese was 30 cents more than this week! Something I never would have noticed!

I might write more posts on how I try to stay on budget when grocery shopping in Switzerland, since groceries are really expensive here! 


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