Friday, October 18, 2013

Weekly Grocery Shopping #3

I am so annoyed by that picture, it was taken in bad light and with my phone. Horror.

Fruit and Vegetables
Tomatoes     1.35
Onions         2.40
Limes           2.30
Mixed Salad  3.90
Milk (2 liters)                             3.40
Cheddar Cathedral City                4.50
Assortment of Cheese                  5.55
Cream Cheese (2x)                      4.30
Philadelphia Herbs and Garlic        2.60
M Budget Mozzarella (2x)             6.00
Mini Babybel                               2.55 (on sale)
Excellent Truffle Yogurt (4 cups)  3.80
Baked Goods:
Pan Bianco (gluten free bread) 3.40
Baguette (gluten free)              4.20
Aha! Crackers (gluten free)     5.50
Gran Pavesi Salted                  3.10
Apéro Baked Goods                7.70 (on sale)
Snickers (6x50g)                          2.10
Aha! Farmer Crunchy (gluten free) 3.60
Shrimps in Cocktail Sauce      4.60
Frozen Shrimps                   10.10
Pistachios                             6.90
Chorizo Picante                     7.60
Chicken breasts                   10.70 (on sale)
Beef Stew (2x)                      9.60
Lasagne                                7.70 (on sale)
Yellow Lentils                        1.90
M Budget Pickles                   3.00
Canned Tomatoes (2x)           1.80
Tom Ka Paste                        1.30
Tom Yum Paste                     1.30
Aha! Penne (gluten free pasta) 4.20
Aha! Gluten Free Flour           6.20
Noodle Soup (4x)                   4.40
Condensed Milk                     3.65
I am Natural Cosmetics Cleansing Gel    7.50
This weeks total was 164.70 CHF ($182.93/£112.79)

Last week, the food didn't last all week so we are hoping this week it will last all week. And since we spent more than 100 CHF we got as well a 2x Cumulus Points Bonus that we can use when we got to Migros next time. 

In this shopping trip we earned 1 790 Cumulus points, when turned into money is about 17 CHF. But I will talk more about the point system in another post!


P.S. How much do you spend on your weekly shopping?

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