Saturday, September 24, 2011

New Roads or Poste-de-Pointe-Coupée, Louisiana

I've got still so many pictures still from the road trip! It was an amazing trip!  I'm back in Geneva and I know I haven't written anything! My school started as soon as I got back and then one of my professor offended me really badly and I just didn't have any will to write.

New Roads is a cute little village somehow in the middle of nowhere. We only found it because we got lost! But the greatest adventures begin that way.

Walking around the village was super nice, it was quite calming and a pleasant way to spend the day just walking around. They have a lot of shops there and restaurants. 

The False River used to be part of the Mississippi River gradually turned into a lake.  

I really want to post more picture of the trip but I have as well some new make up that I really want to show so I'll probably gradually post everything and just try to go with the school flow.

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