Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mandeville - Lakeshore Drive - Louisiana

Big assignments make me really uninspired and I have the tendency not to do anything at all. That is somehow how I was feeling with the road trip pictures. We took so many pictures and I wasn't sure if I would be able to post them all before the new year! Thus, I just didn't want to post anything at all. Until today whist on the train I looked trough the pictures (I just couldn't make me study any more) and I organised the pictures and saw that there are only 4 more posts from the road trip! I can finally focus back on make up and things! I have bought some new things I am desperate to share!

These photos were taken before the longest continuous bridge over water in the world (we of course had to drive that bridge! It costs 3 dollars but it is worth it). The bridge is called Lake Pontchartrain Causeway. It starts in a small village called Mandeville and in that village is a park. The park is by the lake and the bridge so we decided to take a quick brake and stretch our legs and make-out underneath a tree.

The trees were dreamy and I just wanted to lie underneath them forever.

I don't think I've put in a picture of the super cute car that drove us all the way with out any problems! 

 You can see in the distance the bridge going over Lake Pontchartrain.

And the other direction nothing but water. Filthy, gross water! 

Now there are two posts left from New Orleans, one from a park we went to and the last one from Galvestone. 

I finally found a new photo-edit program that I can use when I'm not online! 


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