Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tuesday Make Up II

Today I actually wasn't wearing any make up and didn't plan on, then I got to try the new Neo Pastels Eye Colour and Liner Palette from Clarins, it comes from their spring/summer collection and I was very exited about it! The colours are in the purple range and we all know I just LOVE purple!

The woman put it on gorgeously and it looked amazing, for about 10 minutes, then it just started to fade! What a shame! The eye liner is in this pack as well and that just didn't stop staining my upper eyelids! I just seriously hate when eye-liners do that! So my search for purple eye-shadow continues.

The mascara is as well from Clarins and again a total disappointment! It made my eyelashes clump way too much! I don't understand why their make up isn't as good as their lotions. I've got the Hand and Nail Treatment Cream from them and it's my favourite hand lotion!

The Clarins company was specialised in lotions and perfumes (I don't know the perfumes) and I've got the feeling that they should step up their game or just leave it and stay in the lotion game!

Even if the eye make up didn't survive my standards I learned something from the woman who put it on my and will try to use her eye liner technique tomorrow.

I made similar make up last Tuesday just with different colours. This is supposed to be the look for the summer and I love it!

P.s. new hair colour :D

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