Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tuesday Make Up

Today I'm tired, yesterday I was tired and tomorrow I'll be tired. I've been having trouble sleeping, it has been getting worse and worse so hopefully I'll manage to get a decent night sleep next week! For the make up today I decided to try on what's supposed to be the thing this spring/summer. It's not hard to do and I like it!

Funny thing about today that it's actually highly likely that I won't even leave the house, well I'm going to try to force myself to go out in an hour and just go to Starbucks and study. It's just I'm tired and I really had to force myself to leave the bed this morning. No worries this will pass. Since I'm feeling this shitty I decided NOT to go for black but to add some colour and put on one of my favourite tinted lip balm.

 Eyes -

Today my eye shadow is from Yves Rocher, the colour is Absinthe Green (one of the reason I picked it in the first place). Sadly the colour doesn't stay on all day long and it isn't very easy to put on. But the colour is amazing! I've got to find similar with another brand and she if that one is better!

The eye liner I'm using was the first thing ever I bought from MAC. It goes on well but has the tendency to slither down your eyes and it looks like you've been crying! It stays on for some time but not as well as the Lancôme I used for my Monday Make Up. It's as well a Khôl (I always buy the Khôl's) and is called "Smolder" it was the blackest of the black eye liner that they had (and that's why I picked it)

My mascara is Lancôme Virtuôse (I've got so much stuff from them for some reason) the colour is Noir Sensuel which made me giggle. It doesn't make my lashes clump and I really like the shape of the brush. The shape helps in reaching to all of the lashes and I've never pocked myself in the eye with this one. (I'm a clumsy person by nature). It doesn't lengthen my eyelashes that much but I can see some volume difference.

Since it's still (sadly) winter my lips are dying a slow, very painful death. But no worries, my superhero Ole Henriksen saves the day (and the lips). This is another thing I bought at the airport in Copenhagen. It gives my lips a cute hue without overpowering my real lip colour and makes them so soft and just heals them. I bought it at first because of the silly name. It's called "African Red Tea Exfoliating Lip Salvation".

Yes. I did pick today's make up as well because they all have funny names. Who names these things? And I seriously need to do something about my eyebrows! Ehh, next month.

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