Friday, February 4, 2011

Nail Problems

I love nails, I love nail varnish and everything that nails can do! Sadly this winter my nails just gave up. I've got this nail hardener that saves them but there are some accidents. Like this Tuesday. In they day I tried on this amazing leather dress from H&M. I didn't buy it I've still got 10 more days on my no buy thing, but as I was putting it on I broke a nail. I swore like a sailor and moved on. Then later in the evening I got drunk and banged my hand into the wall and broke another nail!
So this is how the nails on my left hand look, the right one has one broken nail! It's not only that my nails break it is that they as well peel. They first peel and then they break. It's a disaster.

I started looking around on the internet on what makes the nails peel and what I can do so it'll stop!
1) Changes in the temperature. When you go out in the cold and then into the warm house/bus/whatever that's warm.
2) Water, every time your nails get wet it separates the layers of the nail plate and then they peel.

The things I can do to make it stop:
1) Wear gloves out side, something I never do since I'm always tapping on my blackberry. It'll be a competition between my nails and my blackberry!
2) Stop washing my hands, haha, just kidding. There isn't much I can do with this one. I don't put my hands into water except for when I'm washing my hands, showering and bathing the kids.

I'll continue to always put on my nail hardener and moisturise all of the time (do that always now) and focus on the nails as well. I hope for the sake of my nails (and me) that spring will arrive soon. I crave warmth!

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