Saturday, August 31, 2013

Loving in August

My August Goals:

1. Open up my handmade shop
2. Finish the 200 Sit-ups Challenge
3. Rearrange the apartment
4. Swim in the lake at least once
5. Film 4 YouTube videos
6. Decluttered 50 things
7. Go to the cinema with Mr. Handsome (Went to The Heat, hilarious)
8. Make a cake (made a cheesecake)
9. Get ice cream from our local ice cream shop
10. Not buy any makeup or skincare things (I only bought things that I had previously finished, a lotion and eye make up remover)

Top 5 posts in August:

Pink Box: July 2013 (August 2013)

I love seeing what posts are most popular every month! I love as well that post that I wrote a year ago are still popular!

And some posts I have been loving in August:

Oregon, we miss you...  from Pamplemousse! 

What I have been loving in real life in August:

Cheesecake, Mr. Handsome, The Heat, Sims 3, reaching 100 Bloglovin followers, sleeping in and staying up late, knitting.

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