Thursday, August 1, 2013

My Monthly Goals: August 2013

I like setting myself goals, everything from my 100 Things Decluttering Challenge, 100 Days of Decluttering Challenge, 25 Things Before My 25th Birthday and of course my 24 Things Before My 24th Birthday. I like goals and challenges and trying to do more and better things.

So by the end of August I would like to have:

1. Open up my handmade shop
2. Finish the 200 Sit-ups Challenge
3. Rearrange the apartment
4. Swim in the lake at least once
5. Film 4 YouTube videos 
6. Decluttered 50 things
7. Go to the cinema with Mr. Handsome
8. Make a cake 
9. Get ice cream from our local ice cream shop
10. Not buy any makeup or skincare things

Some of the goals are big but other ones are quite small but still something I would like to accomplish this month! I will mention in my post Loving In August what I actually did accomplish and what I did not!


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