Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Nail Polish: Forever 21 - Love and Beauty - Teal

Since I arrived here in Austin I've been really psyched about trying all these things you can't get in Geneva. One of these things is (of course) Nail polishes.

I went to Forever 21 and wanted to buy some clothes. That didn't work, nothing looked good on me! I walked around the store and found my favourite thing in the world: Nail polish! I bought three bottles of it, I mean they were only $2.80!

When I tried to paint my nail with the nail polish I realized how thick it was, sadly it wasn't thick and colourful it was thick and the colour was too light.
Since it was so thick there were air bubbles, this was just one layer! Usually I never get any bubbles.
I decided to take quickly some pictures so that I wouldn't damage it and then would have to do it again to get some pictures. 
It was super messy because the brush was just bad, it was small and sometimes it grabbed a lot of  nail polish but didn't distribute it evenly. In general it was just awful. 
And then this happened. I had waited for over ten minutes to do anything with my nails, I wasn't even doing anything with my nail I was just turning the nail polish bottle around. I had to remove the nail polish from my nails, on all my nails the nail polish was still kinda wet. Something I really HATE about nail polishes.
After I took it all of I took this last picture showing the name of the nail polish. I wanted to show that one too because the colour is really not teal, it's more like pine tree green. 

I will try the other two that I bought from Forever 21 but I doubt that I'll buy any more nail polish from them again.

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