Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Learn French Avec Moi - Verbs I (-er verbs)

I need to learn more French and what better way is there to learn French then to learn it with everyone else. Every Tuesday I plan on learning a new thing in the French language and share it with everyone. I will as well add six new words to my vocabulary!

I wanted to start with verb endings, I believe that they are one of the most important thing to learn when you start learning French. There are couple of reasons for this. First of all, you need to learn those by heart and second of all they are damn annoying so it is better to learn them early on the journey to learn French.

Let's start with the grammatical person:

 je - I  nous - we
 tu - you  vous - you
il / elle - he / she / it   ils / elles - they (masculine) / they (feminine)

This is only part one of the verbs and only the first part of regular verbs. Today, we will go into the -er verbs.

What are -er verbs?
What do manger (to eat), appeler (to call) and nettoyer (to clean) have in common? Well they all end with the letters -er. 

Why does that matter?
It matters because that is how we determine how they will change when we change the grammatical person that follows these verbs.

Let's check out how endings for the -er verbs change (in present tense) when we change the grammatical person.

 je - e  nous - ons
 tu - es  vous - ez
 il / elle - e   ils / elles - ent 

If we continue and look at the verb manger, first we need to remove the infinitive ending and just look at the stem of the word: mang

 je - mange  nous - mangons
 tu - manges  vous - mangez
 il / elle - mange     ils / elles - mangent 

The same thing goes for appeler and nettoyer.

Today's vocabulary:
 exactement - exactly  la phrase - sentence  
 le malentendu - misunderstanding   rhume des foins - hay fever  
 la poire - pear  la tĂȘte - head 

Next week, we will go on with verbs and check out the -ir verbs :)



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