Thursday, July 12, 2012

Patrick the Snail - The Beginning to the End

I don't really know how I plan on explaining my actions in the end when I decide to do something, I decided to try to help Patrick heal and I decided that he would survive and be my favorite pet until he was healthy enough to go in the nature again. Sometimes my decisions don't add up. In this case, no matter how well I cared for him, the likeliness of him surviving his injury was minimal.

I had faith that was more like complete stubbornness, I kept Patrick moist, I gave him calcium, food and water and for a moment it looked like he was doing better.

A couple of days before we went on our vacation Patrick seemed  to be lethargic. You might wonder how you can notice a snail being lethargic. Well, he wasn't snailing around or eating like previous days and his movements weren't as crisp as before. He still ate a bit and drank water and I hoped that he was just resting. Later during the day I realized that his movements and his breathing were starting to be even weaker, I kept on keeping him hydrated and just wished for the best.

In the evening Patrick left this world on a slice of cucumber.

I don't know why I felt such a connection with a snail, but Patrick really made an impact on me. As I mentioned on the other Patrick the Snail post, I had pet snails as a kid and they thrived. A part of me feels like I could have done something more to save him, something genius but my mind just was blank. The only information I found was that snails would die if their shell would be to damaged. I just had tremendous hope for my Patrick.

I don't know how I should end this post, I just wanted to give an update on Patrick.

Here you can see more pictures of Patrick and the beginning of the story.


  1. Hey, just wanted to drop by to say hi. I found your posts when looking for info about snails with a cracked shell. I found a snail two days ago, and it's now completely shell-less :( Sadly I fear its fate will be same as Patrick's, it'd be an actual miracle if it somehow survived. Makes me smile but same time breaks my heart to see it move about, still trying to go on without its shell.

  2. Nooo - how sad!! It's so lovely that you tried though! xxx


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