Sunday, May 11, 2014

My Monthly Goals: April Recap and May Goals

You have NO idea how glad I am this months is over! The only thing I have been doing this months is studying, with some more of studying. Not so shockingly I haven't really accomplished many of my goals. 

April Goals:
1. Start following my daily cleaning schedule again!
Did not happen at all, I have started on my the cleaning schedule after my exams which is good.
2. Study hard for finals
YES! And I did good!
3. Take pictures of a new place in Geneva
No, I haven't had the time, but it is something I plan on doing in May.
4. Try out a new recipe. 
I tried out a couple of new recipes that turned out pretty good! 
5. Have 50 stars on Wellness and Weight Loss chart
I am around 30 stars right now! 
6. Do Yoga for 100 minutes 
Not even close!
7. Post 4 OOTD
I have written couple of OOTD posts but I need to take the pictures for it.
8. Finish the Project Pan that I have going on at the moment 
Yes, you can check it out on my YouTube channel (right here)
9. Sew 1 item
10. Set up a photography area
And no again.

May Goals: 
1. Start reading novels again.
2. Start with Weekly Make-Up Basket
3. Start Project 26 Pan
4. Have 50 stars on my Wellness and Weight Loss chart.
5. Start blogging more regularly again.
6. Spring Clean the apartment.
7. Reorganize my personal planner
8. Get a hair cut
9. Start practicing Arabic again.
10. Sew one item

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