Friday, August 22, 2014

Weekly VLOG #4 (08/08-13/08): Fêtes de Genève fireworks, packing up my stuff and moving to Iceland.

I wanted to add a blog aspect to my occasional weekly vlogs and as well try to vlog more often whilst I am in Iceland. At the moment my vlogs are a week behind since it gives me time to edit them without being stressed and I like having a bit of a barrier between when things happen and when I share those things with the internet. I plan on having the vlog at the bottom of these posts and adding some pictures in the post that I haven't shared before on instagram.

Anyways, back to my week. Packing my things was strangely hard, when I started emptying my closets and drawers I realized how much stuff I actually had! It didn't help that the fireworks for Fêtes de Genève were going on and it felt like our windows would explode from the noise. I am not a big fan of fireworks, I might even say that I find fireworks extremely annoying and I hate them a little bit. I just don't see the attraction, they are loud and smelly and super wasteful!

Or flight was on Tuesday and we barely managed to pack all our things before we had to grab a taxi to go to the airport. We flew with Icelandair in a direct flight from Geneva to Keflavik. It was one of the best flights I have ever been on! Very calming and Icelandair has just the best food on board its flights.

When we landed in Iceland the weather was pretty nice, it was quite windy but not a cloud in sight. The first couple of days we were just hanging around, but I needed to get things sorted for my University housing and to see how and where everything was.

We took as well a lot of walk, and on one of our walks we saw a smack of dead jellyfish. I found it strange to see all of them just floating around lifelessly. Jellyfish are my favorite animal and I somehow just felt sad seeing them all dead.

I managed to do a lot of the paperwork and got the key to my dorm room! It was much bigger than I thought and even though I share a kitchen with 7 other persons I have my own bathroom.

So, that is how my week has been!


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