Thursday, November 6, 2014

My Monthly Goals: October Review and November Goals

October where did you go? I had a marvelous October, I was for almost 2 weeks in Massachusetts on vacation and it was amazing. I did however not blog at all, which is a shame but I just haven't had the time nor the will to blog. I don't really know why, but somehow since I am not really living the life I wished I was living right now I just don't feel like sharing. At the same time I want to share what is happening and this is quite an important part of my life.

Anyway, I did accomplished over 50% of my goals, so at least that is something.

October Goals:

1. Upload and write 4 weekly vlogs and blogs.
I wanted this to happen but I ended up not having time to edit videos and write anything else but essays!
2. Upload my closet organization video.
I need to film this video and upload it, I am really happy with how my clothes are organized.
3. Enjoy my vacation.
Yes, I really enjoyed my vacation! Can't wait for the next one!
4. Get my blogging mojo back.
I feel like I did get my blogging mojo back, and I have organized what I want to write about and have started taking pictures for some posts! 
5. Start taking outfit pictures.
I haven't found the right spot for my outfit pictures, I rearranged my room so I think I might find a better spot soon!
6. Go to the gym 4 times.
Didn't happen at all, I didn't even go once! 
7. Get to a better sleeping schedule.
Check! I did have some jet lag issues, but otherwise it is going better than before.
8. Walk 100 000 steps.
Check, I walked 103978 steps, I had two days when I forgot my phone at home and therefore didn't count how many steps I had taken those days.
9. Eat more vegetables.
Check, vegetables is something I always need to think about but I have been eating more of them!
10. Start organizing my life again.
Check, and it feels good to be organized again!

November Goals:
1. Keep a photo food diary for 2 weeks.
2. Drink 2 liters of water most days 
3. Walk 120 000 steps
4. Start waking up at 5 am
5. Film MakeUp Inventory and set myself future goals.
6. Write my children's book.
7. Start going to the gym again.
8. Weigh myself.
9. Attend 100% of my classes.
10. Catch up on university work, and prepare for finals.


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