Sunday, January 4, 2015

26 Things Before my 26th Birthday: The Final Post

This year has been quite strange for me, in August I moved to Iceland so everything changed. I actually managed to finish 11 and a half items of my 26 list which is better than I thought I would do. I'm not going to post a 27 Before 27 list this year since I think that is just too much. Instead I want to focus on smaller achievements, I'll speak all about that in my next post.

I feel like this year was quite hectic. I had a lot on my plate and still managed to accomplish a lot of things that I didn't think I would accomplish this year. So over all I am happy even though I didn't too super well with my goals.
  1. Only buy Kindle books (University books excluded): This wasn't really hard, I still bought a lot of real books that I had to read for my classes but I even managed to buy some of those for the Kindle.
  2. Only buy Cruelty Free products: I am going to consider this one accomplished since I pretty much only bought Cruelty Free products.
  3. Finish a full year of University (60ects): Accomplished and super happy about it!
  4. Have 500 posts on my blog
  5. Read 12 books and review them: I read more than 12 books but I didn't have time to review them! But I think I might review them on my YT channel this year. 
  6. Re-style the blog
  7. Advertise on 12 different blogs
  8. Have 12 sales in my store
  9. Have 50 YouTube videos: Check! 
  10. Post 12 recipes
  11. Do a spending ban challenge: Check! 
  12. Finish my novel
  13. Do a project 26 pan (without choosing items): This took me a good part of 2014 but I managed, this year I have different plans and just want to keep on going.
  14. Do a 30 day photo challenge: Check, I have uploaded the first 5 pictures and will keep on uploading the rest in January.
  15. Photograph my outfit 52 times: So I managed to do 4  of those and I was loving it, then I moved. Two things happened when I moved, my boyfriend moved to a different country and couldn't help me with these anymore and my setting was completely different and I haven't managed to set my dorm room up in that way where I can easily take outfit pictures.
  16. Write 10 monthly goals post: I am going to consider this one accomplished. I really liked writing down monthly goals and I will continue doing that in 2015 but I think a bit differently than I have before. 
  17. Reach 100 000 hits on my blog
  18. Get to a healthy BMI
  19. Write a food journal for 100 days
  20. Write in a journal for 100 days
  21. Wake up at 5 am for 30 days in a row
  22. Have 10 photograph posts about places I have visited (like this one)
  23. Be more of a minimalist: Totally accomplished, I feel like I am in such a better place with this and I am going to continue and I am loving being a more of a minimalist.
  24. Grow out the dye in my hair (as much as possible in a year): Yes! I cut my hair short in June and that took a huge chunk of the dyed part away. There is still some dyed hair left but I think in a month or two when I get a haircut again it might be all gone!
  25. Finish writing a children's book
  26. Do 10 weekly vlogs.: I am going to consider this one accomplished, I have at the moment 8 vlogs uploaded on my YT channel, one in editing and one that will be edited next.

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