Monday, June 20, 2011

Daily Life Pictures

I'm sorry I haven't been writing, it's just I have finals and finals suck. The thing is I'm very good at failing and I don't want to fail these exams. There are couple of reasons I don't want to fail them. First I love psychology and I want to be a psychologist when I grow up. I want to help parents and children have a more peaceful and happy  life. Secondly I have worked so hard for this. SO HARD! I've been studying and studying for an entire YEAR! And if I fail this entire year goes down the drain. So I haven't been doing many things except for studying. 

This will be all over on Wednesday and  then I might just cry. It's not like I haven't been having tiny meltdowns now for almost a month. The reasons for the tiny meltdowns is that I'm used to fail, I am a pro at failing. I could organize a seminar about the different ways of failing. I just don't know what I will do if I fail this. 

Anyway, here are some pictures that I've been taking for the past months. 

Linen that I bought from the Fabrics-store (totally recommend them)

A cute red bug that was begging to be a model for me

A swan laying on it's eggs at Bains des Paquis

one pair of my beloved Converse 

I really want to take more pictures of my daily life because my surroundings and life is in general very beautiful and I would love to share that with everyone. 

Now, Mr. Handsome would like me to watch Braveheart with him :) 


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