Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Zibbet Finds of the Week - Aprons

I'm glad that I can say that the re-sellers that I found on Zibbet have now been taken care of, but as soon as that happened I saw another one that has been open since beginning of March. I reported that one as well (gosh I'm such a reporting bitch) and we'll see what happens. Apparently nothing can happen for 48 hours! (Wrote this on Sunday, it seems to be have removed). I made a forum post on Zibbet about what I find to be a re-seller problem and people weren't happy with that post. Therefore I'm not even sure any more if I want to do these Zibbet finds of the Week any more (I know what people will never be in these posts!)

Anyway.. this week I'm going to share some of the aprons I found on Zibbet!

LUCY Retro style floral half apron - WhoaMama

Frilly Amanda Hostess Apron - Party JENerations

Half Aprons with frill and thrills - Mary Jo Larson

Half Apron Bundle - On Mommy's Apron

And now I've got to go back to study for my finals. 


  1. Thanks for posting my apron:) Good luck with your finals.

  2. Yikes finals! I remember those days. Good luck, and thanks for sharing.


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