Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Little Mare That Could

This is totally different from what I have ever written but I just have to because it is an amazing story that should be heard!

The farmer and the mare (Photo by Guðmundur Karl)

Let's begin with how it all started! Last Monday a young man, 24, escaped from the only prison in Iceland and he is considered to be dangerous (he was found guilty of trying to murder his stepmother) and therefore there are hundreds of people looking for him. 

One of the helicopters that was looking for him spotted a mare frozen stuck in a pond in a secluded area that could not have been seen from any road. The people on the helicopter decided that they should do something and landed by the closest farm. They talked to the farmer and told him about where the mare was and the farmer went to the mare and attempted to save her. The helicopter squad had to keep on searching for the missing prisoner and went away. 

Later on, the helicopter squad check on the farmer again and saw that he was having trouble saving the poor mare and began helping him. The mare was barely alive and couldn't walk or anything. Therefore, she had to be transported back to the farm in the shovel of a digger. 

Transporting the mare (Photo by Sigga Pje)
When she got to the farm they did not think she would make it and called the vet to help them to euthanize her so she wouldn't suffer anymore. However, the vet decided to give her some steroids and with that she sprung back to life and is now doing much better! They believe that the young mare will survive her ordeal. No one knows how long the two year old mare had been stuck in the middle of the frozen pond. The farmer is planning on calling her "Þyrla" which is the Icelandic word for helicopter. 

The farmer, Steinn Skúlason, told the Icelandic newspaper Morgunblaðið that "she will be very spoiled over Christmas by us" 

The fugitive is still at large and is considered dangerous so if you are chilling outdoors in Iceland just be careful! 

Source: Pictures Story

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