Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Washing Clothes By Hand: Week 1

I have been giving up on my laundry for some time now, it has been cluttering my apartment and bringing me down. We don't have a washing machine in your apartment and not even in our apartment building. We need to go down the street with heavy bags, wait in the laundromat for 2 hours washing the clothes, we can't leave because people steal the clothes and I can't stay there by myself because I get harassed.

I had no idea what kind of picture I should add with these posts, fountains it will be!

So doing laundry took so much time and both of our times that it just never really happened, and it was just too heavy lugging the bags of laundry back and forth. Then one evening when I was doing nothing I got a great idea! I should wash our clothes in the sink. Now I have washed our clothes in the sink for a week and it is amazing!

So, how much did I manage to wash in a week?

I ended up washing 10 sink loads!
Socks: 61
Hoody: 1
Underwear: 29
Shirt: 1
T-shirts: 16
Dress: 1
Towels: 4
Pillowcase: 1
Tank-tops: 3
Tights: 1
Jeans: 1
Washcloth: 1
Cardigan: 1
Shorts: 1

Certain things shocked me, things like why do we have so many socks? And why does it seem that we never have any socks?

I was as well so surprised by how easy it was to wash the clothes in the sink and how much I actually enjoyed it! I plan on doing it for a month (3 more weeks) and see how I feel about it then.


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