Monday, February 10, 2014

My Monthly Goals: February 2014

What is wrong with me? I have no motivation to do anything and days seem somehow just go by so quickly without me noticing. However, I am quite exited for February! This February I plan on having a Frugal February! So be prepared for some frugal blog posts and some money saving ideas! I as well plan on being super frugal this month! Therefore, my goals for February are most about not spending money!

  1. Be on a Spending Ban!
  2. Have 15 days of no Spending
  3. Write down everything I spend
  4. Spend no more than 100chf on groceries per week
  5. Finish all the food in the freezer
  6. Only watch 1 hour TV per day
  7. Finish washing all the laundry
  8. Keep a food diary for 10 days
  9. Take pictures of a new place in Geneva
  10. Post one vlog
I have so many things I need to do and I just sometimes don't know where to start!


1 comment :

  1. mjög falleg mynd :)


    nr. 7 er ekki hægt, það kemur alltaf meira og meira ;)


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