Wednesday, January 22, 2014

*Review: Montagne Jeunesse - Pulped Pomegranate Passion Peel Off - Deep Cleanse, purify and protect!

I love face masks, and I really really love pomegranate! So when I was sent this Pomegranate peel off face mask from Montagne Jeunesse I was really exited to try it out!

Montagne Jeauness describe the peel off face mask very nicely:
Pulped Pomegranate, Passion Flower, Raspberry, Grape, Cranberry & Vitamin E are Anti-oxidants that help protect skin, while pores get a deep clean peel-of!
However, the second ingredient is Polyvinyl Alcohol and the third one is Alcohol Denat! Not something I would want to use frequently on my face!

You should keep the mask on for 15-20 minutes, but after 10 minutes the mask started peeling from my face, I left it on for 5 more minutes and peeled the mask off. It didn't completely come off so I had to wash the last bit off.

It doesn't say that the mask is moisturizing so I wasn't expecting it to moisturize my skin but at the same time I didn't expect it to dry my skin out. But sadly it did.

I as well have to mention the annoying packaging since I am listing the things I didn't like about the peel off mask first. I find it hard to hold the packaging with one hand and trying to get some product out and using the other hand to spread the mask on my face. The packaging is just too clumsy and too big!

I want to end with the things I actually liked about the face mask!

I loved how it smelled. Really sweet and fruity scent, perfect to use in the summer. At the same time the scent wasn't overpowering or did it smell at all like alcohol!

I as well was happy with how it made my pores look, I was expecting to see my pores get smaller and the mask really did make them smaller! I don't know if it is because it dried out my skin or what it was. I noticed as well that the active breakouts that I had felt less irritated and seemed to have gotten smaller as well.

I'm not sure if I would buy this face mask again since it did dry out my skin quite a lot and I work hard on keeping my skin moisturized!


P.S. What is your favorite Montagne Jeunesse face mask?

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  1. Such a shame it was drying! I've never tried their masks but seen them around


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