Sunday, March 13, 2011


There is this thing about Geneva that I love. The thing is strangers. I've had so many amazing talks with strangers here! Sometimes I then look back and wonder what has now happened to the people afterwards.

Like this man that had just moved to Geneva the same day as I was talking to him. He always only used cold water when showering (something I can't even do during the summer months!!). The winters in Geneva can be really cold and there is nothing better then taking a scalding hot shower before jumping into bed. If I would meet him today I would ask about the shower!

Or that english boy that rolled my cigarettes one summer. I rarely talked to him, he just rolled my cigarettes. Did he go back to England? I saw him once later that autumn wearing a suit. Did he start working in Geneva?

I could write endlessly about these people that I meet! I know I should probably have been more friendly to them and we might be in some contact but that's just isn't really me. We all know how much of a horrid bitch I am! ;)

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