Friday, March 25, 2011

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It's not very often that I finish a hair product (except for shampoos) but now I finished one and was sad when it finished. This product is a conditioner and I LOVE IT! Pantene Pro-V Brunette Expression, Daily Color Enhancing Conditioner (freakishly long name) does (for my hair) exactly what it says it will do! It keep my hair a bit browner then usual which is good since my hair is dyed a little darker then my normal hair. My roots get a bit darker with this conditioner and it keeps my dyed hair dark brown!

It even helped with minimizing my purple hue that my hair still had after I dyed it brown over the purple hair. But as soon as you wash your hair without it it goes back to its normal hue (usually after the second wash without it).

I usually wash my hair and then put this generously in my hair (even the roots since it doesn't weigh my hair down) and wash my body. I try to keep it in my hair for a decent long time (5-10 minutes) and then wash it out.

It makes my hair seriously smooth and it doesn't make my hair oily! My hair stays smooth for many days (I try to wash my hair only 2 times a week). My other hair conditioner usually smell funny but this one doesn't!

I don't know how the one for blond hair works (I haven't had blond hair since 2008) but if it is something like the brunette one I would definitely recommend that one as well!

I might buy the brunette one again but I really want to try John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Shine Release Daily Conditioner and see which one I like more. 

I'm now off into the sunny Geneva (with spf 50 on my face!)

Have a nice day :)

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