Thursday, March 24, 2011

the lost days...

Since my little laptop just doesn't work I needed to pull out big boy! Big boy is my old big laptop. I bought it in 2005 I think! He still works! Big boy is an Aspire 5610! He has no keys left on his keyboard and the mouse doesn't work so I've got external mouse and keyboard. He is my big boy. He has been with me trough everything! EVERYTHING! It was one of the few things I moved with me from Iceland to Geneva and he was my best friend for ages (well the outlet for me to contact my friends) since I didn't know anyone here in Geneva and the people I met were awful!

And almost 4 years down the road (since I moved to Geneva!!!) big boy was hidden underneath a big (biiiig) pile of paper. But what big boy showed me and I'll now show you is pictures from 2006 (when I got my own digital camera). Many of them are damaged (I don't know why).

Katrin from 2006 - 2008

1st of January 2006, 17 years and almost 1 month old (I still have that blouse!)
I was chubby, I had short hair that I LOVED and I had loads loads of freckles. And that trip was one of my most unhappy memories of my teenage years. 

 9th of February 2006 -> in school
I was ashamed of my lips because they were to big for a white girl (yep someone told me that) and therefor I used to pinch them in or just suck on them. My skin wasn't that great, but I wasn't doing anything about it anyways. (and I still have that sweater!)

 28th of May - my last month in Iceland
I started dying my hair, first in some what of orange/red color. (still own that sweater)

29th of May 

 I don't own any of these clothes anymore.

And then I moved.....
Do you know what Roskilde festival can do to you?
8th of July 2007
 Sunburned! Eye infection! And strangely my lips started to swell up! Not to mention right before I left I decided I was dumb and therefor I should have blond hair. Didn't work 100%

Then I was in Switzerland
13th of July 2007
My hair is awful, my skin is awful but this is the first pic of me smiling!

I got a little bored.
14th of July 2007
You can still see how sunburned I am, the white stuff on my face is soothing mask! My skin was thinking about committing a suicide.

I've gotten back from my first trip to Finland and just was really really bored but happy.
25th September 2007

I made my first sweater! 
And haven't made one since then! (still have it!)
11th of January
Kept myself busy with whatever I could think of! Here am I making stencils for a t-shirt.

 19th of January - changing back to brown (it took AGES!)

Last pictures with my old camera :)
18th of February
 My hair a bit darker, I had to let it all grow out because it wouldn't hold a coverup color!
I started to use make up and being in general happy about everything. Still EXTREMELY bored! 

I was so bored I got a new camera 
9th of May 2008

And there is where I'll end this thing because at that time I got then facebook and all the rest of the pictures are there :)

Endless Love

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