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24 Things To Do Before My 24th Birthday - 108 days later

108 days ago I made this list, it was my birthday and I just really wanted a kick start! I like birthdays resolutions more than new year resolutions! I decided to share the list here a little bit more than a month after my birthday and today I just wanted to update the list a bit.

Things that are green are actually finished (2)
Things that are yellow are really in progress (11)
Things that are red are not even happening (11)

1. Change schools
I have applied to a new school and am just waiting for what they will say, so it's out of my hands and in the hands of the school people.

2. Learn how to write in Arabic
I haven't started to learn how to write in Arabic, I need to look at what books I should buy. I was thinking about joining my sister in her Arabic class but in the end it would have been way to hard since it would have been just in French. 

3. Learn better French (I am on level B1 now)
I am learning little bit of French everyday just by being here, there is French all around me and I do talk to people here and I do read some news papers. What I want to do is start working in the French workbooks that I have and start learning better grammar.

4. Start a Handmade Shop
I can't say I am working on this at all, I have couple of things in my head that I would like to make. I just need to start doing it. What we do need is a table where I can sew on and cut fabrics and all that.

5. Knit a sweater
I am almost done with my sweater! It might not fit me but it is gorgeous! I have finished the body and am working on the sleeves at the moment.

6. Find an apartment
It is nice to have something green on this list! We actually have a new apartment that I am deeply in love with! I will probably post some pictures of it when we are 100% settled in!

7. Grow some herbs
I started this one in January and they all died! Soon I will try again and this time they will (hopefully) survive! 

8. Take 52 outfit pictures
This hasn't happened yet but it definitely will! I really want to do this! I am ready to show the world how bland and normal I dress!

9. Lose 10 kg (22 lbs)
This is actually happening! I started as 77.5 kg (170.9 lbs) and as of this morning I was 76.3kg (168.2lbs). 1.2kg (2.6lbs) gone, 8.8kg (19.4lbs) left. 

10. Cook 52 different recipes
I have started to cook more and I quite enjoy cooking. I didn't really think this one through in the way of how I would count how many recipes I would cook. I think this will be counted in how many recipes I will write about here. That way it is easier for me to see how I am doing with this one. 

11. Knit 52 different things
Since I am counting the sweater I am making in this I can say I am almost finished with one thing! It's going fine in that sense I have already decided what I will knit next so when the sweater is finished I don't need to be inspired to figure out what I should make.  

12. Needlepoint 12 different things
I haven't even started this. Why? No freaking idea! I have thought of tons of things I want to do but I just haven't started.

13. Sew 52 different things
The reason I haven't started this is because we don't have a table that I can work on. To be fair, we don't have any table at all! When I will get a table I will start sewing!

14. Write a short story
I still write quite a lot and I am working on an old short story that I never finished, I won't count that one for this because I want to write something new with new ideas.  

15. Stop eating milk products
This is another complicated one, I have started to eat more of lactose free products. I don't know how I should do this because I really just don't know how do it. 

16. Set up a workplace for me
This has started in the sense that I have decided where the kitchen table will be and I have organized my yarn stash and fabric stash! 

17. Take 52 make up pictures (13.01.12,) (19.03.12
2 down 50 to go! I enjoy doing these so I don't think this will be a problem. I need to work on taking better swatch photos.

18. Get a bike
I am not seeing this happening until earliest next summer/autumn. I can't see it would fit into the elevator in the apartment building and I don't want to keep it outside in this neighborhood.  

19. Visit the East-Cost of the USA
This might or might not happen this summer. It would be a dream if it would happen! 

20. Save some money (around 2600 chf)
I am trying to save some money but there have been couple of big expenses that I needed to tackle, I think soon I will be able to put certain amount of money in my other account and start some serious saving. I read somewhere that and easy way to save some money was to transfer smaller amounts into your savings account that you wouldn't really notice were gone but you would start noticing that they were saved up. I'm starting to do that! 

21. Have 400 twitter followers - follow me here  (57 (13.01.12),54 (21.03.12) )
I actually lost 3 twitter followers since I posted the list! >.< 

22. Turn this blog into a webpage
I haven't started this one but I have a time when I will. I have started to think how I plan the webpage to look like. I will be making some changed to this page for the next weeks to make it more to my liking. I don't like how it looks right now but I am not sure how to change it. 

23. Stop using shampoo and conditioner
The second green thing on this list, I am quite proud of this one. I really managed to stop using shampoo and conditioner, it wasn't even hard at all. I stopped on my birthday  (108 days ago) and I haven't looked back. I love it! My hair is so much better and my scalp has finally stopped being such a hassle. Mr. Handsome stopped as well and his hair has stopped falling out as much as it used to! All in all: AMAZING!

24. Grow a lemon grass plant. 
I put some lemon grass stalks in water some weeks ago and they are growing super fast! I posted a picture of one of them here and since then the roots have been growing every day. They will soon be ready to be put in dirt. I think at the same time when I will put them in dirt I will plant some seeds for the herbs as well. 

So here is where I stand. I am hoping for the next 100 days I will manage to have all of them in yellow and more in green. I am quite happy how much I have accomplished in these 108 days. I am planning to have a short post about one of these every Wednesdays so that the list will be stuck in my head. 

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