Friday, March 23, 2012

Weekly Weigh In - 10 Reasons Why I Want To Lose 10kg.

It's not a secret I would like to lose some weight. But what I haven't shared is why I would like to lose 10 kg (22lbs) this year.

As I mentioned on Wednesday  I am down to 76.3 kg (168.2 lbs) and on the 8th of March the scale read 76.7kg (169lbs). As you can see it is a very slow weight loss. It is still a weight loss because I was still 76.3kg this morning.

But what I wanted to write about today is the reasons why I would like to lose 10kg. I am going to write down one reason for each kilogram I would like to lose.

1. I want to be able to go into any store and not have to search forever for one thing in my size. As well to be able to order clothes online! 

2. Jeans, I love jeans, I want skinny jeans in different colours.

3. Boobs, I am hoping when I lose the weight my boobs might become smaller.

4. I want to look gorgeous for Mr. Handsome, he thinks I am perfect now but I know I can do better.

5. My knee, I've had a wonky knee since a ski accident when I was 11/12 years old. 

6. To be a good role-model, both for my future kids and the kids I am around now.

7. I want to wear my bikini proudly, and not having to worry that something will pop out of it.

8. Not having little kids ask me if there is a baby in my stomach.

9. Not having to worry about hitting the big 80kg (176lbs)

10. Having more energy and bounce in daily life.

My reasons might change during the journey, but my motto will stay the same: "Motto's are overrated"

Over and out

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