Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Nail Polish: Forever 21 - Love and Beauty - Scented - Dark Purple

I own quite a lot of Nail Polishes and I want to talk about them!
I bought this one in Austin, Tx this summer in Forever 21. It is supposed to smell like passion fruit but I find it smells more like bubble gum. The colour is supposed to be dark purple but when it is not in direct sunlight (like on the pictures) it is more of brown/black.

It was as well a pain to get on the nails, I don't think it is very visible in these pictures but there are spots where the nail polish just didn't stay on.

The nail varnish is messy as hell on these pictures, I started cleaning around the nails but I ran out of nail polish remover. A big "duh" move! So, my nails are a bit messy.

I can't decide if I like this colour or not, it just so bland. I can see myself using it if I would work in an office or somewhere where happiness isn't allowed.


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