Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May 2012 Resolution

May is going to be another one of those super stressful months! I have two exams in May (22nd and 23rd). I have started to study for them, both of the exams are a year based exam. So two semester crammed into one exam!

My main goal for May is to not shut down and hide and wish for it all to be over but to plan and work hard and keep my head above the water! I know I can do this!

Other goals are:

  • Work out 300 minutes with my EA Active 2
  • Start doing one needlework thing for my soon to be shop
  • Have a clean sink every evening!
  • Lose 2 kg (today I am 75.6kg, the goal for the month would be 73.6kg)
The clean sink goal comes from the fact that we (Mr. Handsome and I) are awful in doing the dishes and the kitchen is super tiny so whenever we don't do the dishes it looks like hell! I have started knitting things for my soon to be shop! I want to open the shop with 10 things in it, I have finished one and a half things! So just 9 and a half more to go! 

I have planned almost the entire month for the blog! I just need to stay focused and actually follow the plan!

I plan on.... 
                  ....... doing four Outfit of The Day posts
                  ....... having two Weekly Weigh-ins
                  ....... showing y'all three more Make-Up Monday
                  ....... sharing with out what my favorite lotions are

Let's do this! 


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