Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Nail Polish: Claire's Cosmetics Chip Resistance Nail Polish Colours B45 and B57

Since I started my Nail Polish Challenge I decided to jump into the deep end and just start right away! I decided to start with these Claire's Nail Polish. I only have these two colours from them, B57 which is the glittery yellow and B54 which I have been debating in  my head if it is orange or peach. 

I love the yellow glittery one, it has enough glitter for me (I can't stand chunky glitter) and the nail polish itself has a good consistency. I put on two coats and the nail polish wasn't too thick. I could easily have put on another coat if I wanted but I liked how it looked with just two coats.

But the peach/orange one is just horrible, the nail polish itself is somehow sticky and just doesn't work. I can't seem to use the polish on my entire nail because of its stickiness. Even just one coat is just too thick. And with only one coat it is uneven and is see-through in some spots, and with two or more it just becomes way to thick! In one word: horrible!

From left Claire's Cosmetics Chip Resistance - B45, Claire's Cosmetics Chip Resistance - B57, Mavala - Incolore

I have now thrown the orange/peachy one away since it is just horrible. However, I am keeping the yellow one! I love that one!

I as well used my favorite top coat, Incolore from Mavala!


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