Sunday, February 3, 2013

100 Days of Decluttering Update #2

This week I feel like I have accomplished a lot but the truth is I didn't really accomplish that much. 

- A friend of mine is coming over to take a look at all my books and choose the ones she wants.

Thrown away (and the reason why)

- L'Oréal Paris - Elséve - Damage Care Repairing Serum for Split Ends (I don't know the ingredients in this and I am sure there are things in there that I just don't want in my Water-Only hair)      
- L'Oéal Paris - Extra Volume Collagene (Dried up and old) 
- Benefit - BADgal Plum Mascara - Deep Plum (Very little left and old) 
- Yves Rocher - Couleurs Nature - Curl Extender Mascara - 03 Bleu (Dried up and old)
- Yves Rocher - Luminelle - Eye Liner - Bleu Intense  51
- Covergirl -Exact Eyelights Eye-Brightening Mascara - Black Ruby 725 (Never liked it, dried up)
- Bourjois - Coup de Théâtre - 11 Noir Diva (Hated it, dried up)
Lancôme - Virtuôse - Noir Sensuel (Very little left and old)
- Clinique - Superfit Makeup - 05 Neutral (Loved it but it isn't the right tone anymore)
- Clinique - Box from powder (powder long finished and I have other powders that are in a box) 
- Four Points by Shearton - Clean - Lotion (From our road-trip summer 2011, don't know why I kept it) 

Otherwise Accomplished 
- Got some part time extra jobs! 
- Started using nail polish again! 
- Knitted a lot! 

This week I really need to start going through my clothes and take pictures etc. 


About the Giveaway
The winner was Winda! Thank you all for participating! I will definitely have another giveaway soon!

P.S. Check out my previous posts about my 100 Days of Decluttering Challenge

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  1. taktu líka myndir af prjónadótinu :)
    kv. mamma


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